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girls love beyonce inauguration meme barack Obama staring dat ass

5 Reasons Why Girls Love Beyonce

You may have noticed from the countless social media updates; the tweets, insta-videos and Facebook statuses that Beyonce is in concert at the O2 in London.

Queen B is one of the most loved women in the world, it pretty much goes without saying. Who else would be able to release an album to critical acclaim with no press or sell out multiple London arena dates in a matter of minutes!

Drake sang about it, men want her and women want to be her. There’s probably a few women out there that want her as well.

Her 17 grammys is evidence enough to her talents and we all know how hot she is. However it’s not just these two qualities that have led to women falling head over heels for Queen B.

1. All The Single Ladies

beyonce single ladies kanye west vma taylor swift gif dance

Who doesn’t love the video to Single Ladies? It’s still played in every night club and always leads to legions of women waving their ringless fingers at you. “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time” Well those were Kanye’s inappropriately timed words at the VMAs in 2009. I agree with the sentiment.

2. She Was The Inspiration To This Kevin Hart Insta-Video

One of the funniest guys out there, Kevin Hart isn’t afraid to jump on Beyonce’s bandwagon and declare his appreciations for her talents by uploading a hilarious rendition to her ‘Flawless’ hit from her self titled album.

3. She Empowers Women

beyonce queen b empowers women feminism feminist

Hits like Irreplaceable, Diva and Run The World have become anthems to all of the Independent Women (see what I did there) out there. There’s no doubting that her lyrics have been deeply engrained into our psyche. An added bonus (perhaps not that inspiring) is that it’s quite funny when grenades  tweet lyrics such as “to the left, to the left”

4. Oh Jesus Dat ASS

girls love beyonce inauguration meme barack Obama staring dat ass

I think the meme says it all in this case.

5. She Taught Us About The Surfboard

beyonce surfboard grainin on that wood drunk in love flawless

Just when our love lives had become the samey, a tad boring and mundane Yonce spiced things up for us by introducing “The Serfboard’. Ladies yes we are thinking of her when we close our eyes and we really aren’t to fussed if you are as well.



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