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Robin Thicke

After being accused of cheating and pictures being uploaded all over the net with him squeezing a young models bum at VMA’s afterparty . Robin Thicke has found a way to distract us by releasing his new single  give it u 2.  By hiring out a NFL Stadium and being cornered by his own Cheerleaders,  something a bit from his last video.  Robin Thicke does carry the cool factor by pulling off a white and black striped suit and having hip hops most talked about  Kendrick Lemar featured on the track .  Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts. 

Robin Thicke with his cheerleaders 

robin thicke, blurred lines, new single, give it 2 u

2 Featuring artists 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lemar 

robine thicke, 2 chainz , give it to you

Kendrick Lemar on a  Quad Bike

Kendrick Lemar, quad bike, xclusivetouch

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