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Royal Ascot What To Wear And Not To Wear

You know that feeling when you open your wardrobe and you clearly don’t know what to wear to Royal Ascot…. I know very frustrating.
The Xclusivetouch Royal Ascot event is around the corner and Xclusivetouch have come up with a few outfits suitable for this big event Friday 21st June. For Ticket information Click Here

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Royal Ascot Men Rules

Well you can either go for the whole traditional outfit wearing the waistcoat & tail suit. Or you can wear a tailor suit, with a nice tie and formal shoes. Please do not attempt to attend wearing jeans or a t-shirt because you wont be able to enter the premises, just think smart only and you will be on the right track. The weather unpredictable, so bring a umbrella to prevent from ruining your outfit for the event.

Royal Ascot Dress Ladies  Xclusivetouch

Royal Ascot ladies Rules

Ladies this is a great opportunity, to wear a bright dress and finally try out that sophisticated Fascinator. Choose your colours wisely and make sure you don’t get caught up with the fashion police, they are always there to make sure you dress is not to revealing and he style guide also dictates that strapless or sheer tops and dresses are a no-no. Please don’t attempt to wear a dress you wear clubbing with as they will not allow you to enter the Grandstand section.

Royal ascot is a great event for close friends and family to get together, look fabulous and meet new people. Xclusivetouch have organized a day out plan for guests to choose from, instead of guests worrying about how to get to ascot and how to get back. Xclusivetouch have organized a coach ride to short trip to the picturesque Buckinghamshire Golf Club for Teas and Scones. The next stop will be direct to the Royal Ascot racetrack for an afternoon of drinks, racing entertainment and of course, gambling. Following the races we will depart back to Shaka Zulu Camden for an after Ascot party and drinks. All this for £150 package deal you will be able to purchase tickets for this by visiting it on our website Tickets

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