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Rules for dating my daughter

You know every girl you’ve ever met has a dad? I know, crazy thought. You never really imagine that when you look at them through bleary eyes. In fact, it may just be the last thought in your mind at that stage. The first I probably, “You see that girl over there? I wanna hit that”. Poetry that would make even Shakespeare go weak at the knees.

Alas, it’s true. All girls have fathers and these fathers, you would hope, expect their daughters to be treated in a certain way. That is not to be fucked around, to find someone who cares and for them to be absolutely wedged so that he can sponge off his daughter’s new found vast wealth. Alas, material wealth will always be secondary on my list. Here’s I want for my future daughter…

No to any upcoming rappers

no to rappers rules dating daughter london club

I’ve got no time for anyone that’s going to wear a hoodie four sizes too big. If he says ‘dawg’, I’m afraid you don’t qualify.

No Russell Brands

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This guy can talk a good game but Katy Perry’s old man must have been waiting for it all to fall apart from day one.

No Sherlocks


The last thing I need at Christmas dinner is to be conversing with a high functioning sociopath who can tell what I’ve been doing for the last four days. It’s just not polite table conversation.

No Bros

bros london club dating rules for dating my daughter


No to all three of these guys


Lads, come on…

No to ankle accessories 

ankle tag huarache no to dating my daughter club london

Just no

No Counter Culture Revolutionaries

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The last thing I need for this future daughter is for her to be dating a figment of someone else’s imagination. Oh, you haven’t seen Fight Club? Gutted.

No Footballers

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You just know that a footballer would be a nightmare.

No Nick Millers

nick miller rules dating my daughter london club relationship cheeky

He’s going to continue turning lemonade into lemons as far as I’m concerned.

YES to Schmidt

schmidt new girl london clubs rules to dating my daughter

Schimdt’s ace. I would completely condone this. Just look at the guy, that’s romance right there.




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