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#SaveBBC3 – The Best Shows BBC Three Gave Us

Well, it’s official. The BBC has announced that BBC Three is to be scrapped, put online left to fight it out to the death with Netflix.

I for one am furious, and will be marching the corridors of Media City until it is returned to its rightful place. But until that point I will do what I do best. Make angry lists on the internet.

Let us know what show you’ll miss from BBC Three, and come join our revolution. #Savebb

Being Human


A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost all share a house. In Bristol. That is how BBC Three marketed its comedy drama that paved the way for comedy dramas with a supernatural/horror twist. It had actors like Mark Gatiss, Philip Daniels and Mark Williams queuing up to guest star, and had an American remake (although lets never speak of it.) It is what BBC Three does best personified- a completely bizarre premise, executed perfectly and turned into something brilliant and iconic.

In The Flesh


It appeared very quietly, and brilliantly timed, over Easter last year. A story of Britain recovering from a zombie epidemic, and starting to slowly integrate the former Zombies or PDS (Partial Deceased Sufferers) back into society. Based in the tiny and very cold Lancashire village of Roarton, focusing on Kieran back in society after committing suicide. It was a funny, dark and desperately sad three parter, and would never have come to light had BBC Three not commissioned Being Human.

The Fades


Another show we have Being Human to thank for. The Fades was unjustly and cruelly cancelled after one series, despite it winning a BAFTA, The Fades was a show about ghostly monsters led by Chris from Skins returning back to their human form, and taking out anyone in their way. It was scary, funny, clever and overflowing with pop culture references, and we were robbed of it.

Gavin and Stacey

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Whatever terrible things James Corden has done to the Brits, you can’t deny the brilliance of Gavin and Stacey. An ordinary guy and girl from Essex and Wales fall in love over emails and phone calls. They are surrounded by their traditionally mad families made up of Alison Steadman, Larry Lamb and Rob Brydon. It was very sweet, and got picked up by BBC One – proof that BBC Three knows how to pick ‘em.

The Mighty Boosh

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Like Being Human, on paper is sounds completely mental. In the first series Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt played zookeepers who battle the devil and get into a boxing ring with a kangaroo. In the second series, they battle an army of Nanna’s and in the third, they are stalked by a crack fox. Normal enough sounding sitcom japes.

Don’t Tell The Bride

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Who in their right mind would ever go into this programme? The brides offer up their only wedding day to the grooms, have no say in the planning- not even in what their wedding dress will look be. Who can forget the best episode, where one groom decides to blow the budget on a jolly with him and his mate in Las Vegas, and can’t afford to invite the brides brother to the ceremony. They still got married though, good luck to them.

Glastonbury etc

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The ‘etc’ obviously refers to Reading, Leeds, Radio 1 Big Weekend…. all the major festivals are played on BBC Three, as well as the Fringe Festival. It’s the go to channel for seeing all the headline acts, The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Jay Z and Beyonce’s sets were played on BBC Three. Do you really want to have to stream them online in the future? Mick Jagger deserves nothing but the best.



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