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Saving Money Pre-Drinking Is Not Always The Smartest Idea

The only reason we consume cheap booze so that we are able to save a bit of money. Ultimately this  always leads to sore heads and more often than not a bruised ego in the morning.

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Everyone does it, before a night out many of us strongly believe necking a bottle of vodka and having a few glasses of cheap booze is a great idea. Being able to save a couple of pounds before a club night, doesn’t make you cheap, it means you rather buy some cheap vodka for £10 instead of buying 1 drink at the bar.

Pre-Drinking For Dummies

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For those that are new to this way of life, ‘pre-drinking’ or ‘pre-gaming’ is a ‘session’ of which an individual will consume a large quantity of alcohol within a couple of hours before they leave for a night out, basically being a cheap skate for the night.

This shows to be false however, with Florian Labhart (Addiction Switzerland) leading us to believe that pre-drinking leads people to consume nearly twice as much as the normal amount of alcohol on a given night out. This is mainly due to the confidence we gain from the consumption of the previous cocktails, giving the drinkers the desire to continue.

Act A Fool

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A study I once read somewhere when Googling hangover cures said that 1 in 5 people that pre-drink are more likely to engage in ‘risky’ behavior; risky behaviour that we are all ashamed to admit that we enjoy to perform on our nights out. If you are not sure of what this embarrassing, hazardous behaviour consists of, you clearly have never successfully ‘pre-seshed’.

We’ve all seen women being propped up by their new male love interests, or an invincible fella arguing with cocky hens in the middle of the street. Experiences we will cherish for the rest of our lives, I’m sure.

Too Drunk To Get In

drunk embarrassed funny look like a fool

I’ve witnessed loads of friends fail to beat the door lady, most of the time it boils down to them being off their trolley from a pre-drinking. Nothing quite describes the sinking feeling of seeing one of your friends not making it into a club after having spent a couple of hours bonding over a bottle of Glens finest vodka.

Drinking is a social activity or at the very least it should be and pre-drinking provides the perfect opportunity for some fun and games; ring of fire, truth or dare and never have I ever are all great fun playing but none would really work in a club.

So whilst pre-drinking is great and pretty much a tradition when it comes to your big night out over doing it will ultimately ruin you.

You wouldn’t order a steak for starter in a restaurant would you!



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