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Sex appeal your text appeal

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Author: Miranda Athanasiou

Sex Appeal your Text Appeal 

For better or for worse the dating game has changed. Witty genius or not, these days unless you manage to translate your personality into characters you won’t make it past date number two.

Having ‘game’ used to entail being able to walk up to a woman in a bar and have her scrawl her number on a napkin in eyeliner before you even reached the five minute mark. Now, if your sex appeal doesn’t translate into text appeal, you might as well have stayed on your side of the room and remained the ‘attractive stranger who keeps making eye contact’. That guy is way more memorable than the ‘doesn’t know the difference between their and there’ dude.
The truth is, whilst women love to complain about being single, they’d rather run the risk of spending another three months alone than with someone whose textiquette is all wrong.

Rule number one, and I feel like I’m stating the obvious here but apparently not obvious enough. “You cool?” (Or worse “U Kl”) “What’s up” and “Hi” are not impressive opening texts, we’re going for banter not boring. The true mark of a great text is one that makes her want to reply straight away. It’s common consensus amongst men that if a women doesn’t reply to a text straight away, she’s playing hard to get. They’re not, most of the time they just figure if you can’t be bothered to write a proper message, they can’t be bothered to reply just yet.

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Rule number two: don’t leave it till the last minute to ask her on a date. If you text her on Friday morning to ask her out that night, it means one thing and one thing only… you were waiting to see if any better Friday night plans came along and they didn’t.

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I’ve heard it a million times “how dare he assume I would be waiting around on a Friday night in hopes that he would ask me out” and even if she was waiting around for you, she doesn’t want you to know that. Most girls would rather stay in and watch Sharon Osborne say “fabulous” 25 times on the X-Factor than be your last resort.

Lastly, less is more. Don’t text too much, when you’re getting to know someone it’s all about quality over quantity. Make her laugh, reply to her messages at a reasonable speed and then before the conversation goes cold say you’ve got to go and queue a believable excuse of choice (dinner, gym, work whatever). You can text her again later that day or the next, the best part is if you did your job right, she might even text you first.

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Most men go for the opposite approach when it comes to texting and frankly, it’s a turn off. We don’t need to you text us all day, save a little something to talk about on the date.
Also for the record when you take three hours to reply to each message, we know you’re not actually busy (especially when you still manage to update your twitter status at five minute intervals) which forces us to believe you’re trying to play it cool. Sexy… very sexy.

Texting is a lot like a virtual first date: be witty, be charming and for the love of God, don’t ever say you’ve run out of credit, because that’s about as appealing as forgetting your wallet at home on a first date.



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