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signs he is cheating on you

It’s a fact of life that some guys just can’t keep it in their pants. Monogamy is not their strong point and whilst they won’t openly admit it, they kind of like the thrill of screwing about.

Whilst every girl reading this, will most likely think “I wouldn’t put up with that shit” most do. Why? Because, these men are masters at manipulation.

First you have your basic level-one type cheater; these are pretty much just your good old fashioned players who have become quite convincing liars. Whilst level five cheaters have got a whole cheating system going on, two phones, two different friendship circles and a whole dating rota.

Whichever category your man might fall into, if he is a cheater, there are always signs, because despite what they seem to think, they’re just not that smart when it comes to hiding it:

1. He takes his phone with him to the bathroom
Wherever he goes, his phone goes. He doesn’t so much as go next door for a glass of water without taking his phone with him.

As if the fact he turned all his notifications off, has it on silent and keeps it password protected at all times, wasn’t suspicious enough.

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2. Everyone he follows on Twitter and Instagram seem to be sexy half naked women
But whenever you bring it up, he claims they are “friends of friends” or “his cousin” or “a work friend”.

“Babe who is this half naked girl who just followed you on Twitter?!” he doesn’t even pause “that’s Dave’s new girl, I told him she’s such a slut”. Just like that. Surely he must be telling the truth, he didn’t even blink.

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3. You’re convinced he has you on “limited profile” on Facebook
His Facebook page seems to be a bit of a blank canvas. Yet despite the fact he claims he’s “never on it” he has 800 plus friends. Mostly girls. Who all seem to like every single one of his three visible profile pictures. Hmmm.

Good Convincing Liar Cheater Believe Angry Woman

4. He’s always “at the gym” but his body never seems to get any better
“The gym” is the perfect alibi for any cheater. You don’t expect him to text back or call you while he’s working out, there’s no limit to the hours he can spend in there and if he does accidentally call you and all you hear is panting, well there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why.

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5. You have heard him lie to others very convincingly
In fact lying is second nature to him. He lies to his boss, to his friends, to your friends. The lies roll off his tongue and sometimes, they’re so convincing they almost fool you.

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6. You’ve been dating a while but you’ve never met any of his friends
They’re always busy. Or he’s busy. Or better yet, he waits until he knows you already have fixed plans. A friends birthday or a night out with the girls, then he invites you out with his friends. He claims he didn’t know you had plans “why didn’t you tell me?” even though you’re so sure that you already mentioned it.

Then next time you ask about meeting his friends he replies “every time I ask you to come out with us, you’re busy”. So simple, yet so smart.

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7. He doesn’t leave home without his phone charger
We all have to deal with this 1% battery bullshit. Because whilst they’ve invented a way for you to literally have a conversation with your smart phone, they’ve yet to find a way to get the battery to last longer than 24 hours.

If however, he can’t leave the house without a back-up charger, you have to wonder whose call or text he’s so concerned with missing. Especially on a Sunday night when he’s already with you.

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8. It takes him forever to reply to your texts, yet whenever he’s with you, he’s always on his phone
We’ve already established that he walks hand in hand with his phone. In fact you’ve never seen the man without it, yet whenever you text or call him, he seems to take forever to reply and then gets back to you with unconvincing excuses like “I forgot my phone at home” or “it ran out of battery”.

Mate, who are you trying to kid?

Then, my favorite part is, when you put two and two together and get mad, you get labelled a psycho. Later, when people ask why you broke up he will forever tell the story when “you went crazy and smashed us his car for absolutely no reason”. Followed usually by “mate, why do I always attract the nut jobs!?” Yes, we all wonder.

Angry Woman Smash Car Bat Shrugs Cheater

9. He comes up on your friend’s Tinder.
And he hasn’t made much effort to disguise the fact it’s him.

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Do I need to go on? Just because he hasn’t dragged you onto Jeremy Kyle or you haven’t physically walked in on him with his tongue jammed down another woman’s throat, doesn’t mean the signs aren’t there.

Now stop ignoring them, go key his car and run.




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