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Signs you have been single for too long

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Admitting that the single life isn’t exactly the high life any more past your early 20s may be difficult… You’ve begun to notice nearly all of your friends pairing off, but they’re the ones missing out.

You’re the fun friend, you’re the Joey in Friends, the Russell in Rules of Engagement, the Raj in The Big Bang Theory right? But if you find you can relate to these signs then you have been single too long, plus who are you gonna spend Valentines day with if all your friends are with their other halves?  

If you find yourself ticking off on too many of the points below it’s probably a sign that you have been single far too long.

You consider asking your mum to hook you up

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We all have that relative, whether it be your own mum maybe an aunty. Who always asks you “so you found anyone yet?”. Making you feel like the chick from
My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In the earlier newly single days you just laughed off the question, answered back with “No I’m not looking, I’m happy single thanks!” But now you are considering ask them for help, maybe they know someone, who knows someone who has a single son or single daughter…

You reach into your “top drawer” far too often!

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At first it was once a week, after a long stressful day at work and you needed the release. Now its pretty much all you look forward to… every night. You rush home, rush through dinner, rush through your shower and tuck yourself in early. Next thing you know you will call in to work and take a “personal day” to spend the whole day in that “top drawer”

You lower your standards

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Perhaps it was a case of you having set the bar too high, your expectations of your ideal partner are pretty Hollywood. Maybe instead of Hollywood you should be a little bit more… Hackney? 

You’ve signed up to multiple dating sites…

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Your inbox is flooded with welcome emails from Uniform dating,, Eharmony, PlentyofFish and Mysinglefriend.. 

You stopped shaving or using hair cream.


It’s still cold out, if you’re a female then this is what tights were invented for! For males, that beardy look worked for Jesus, why not for you? And your other parts well they get cold too! Plus it’s a real struggle to get in there and get it all smooth, and if no one is appreciating that then what’s the point.. 

You wonder if you should have given that cheating ex another chance?

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You ended on bad terms with your ex. After months of being alone you start to wonder preposterous things like whether it was your fault they cheated, perhaps you pushed them to it, perhaps you should have believed them when they said it was a mistake. Hmmm maybe you should hit them up on Facebook, see if they’re still single? 

You have loads of cash left over after pay day..

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You have noticed your bank balance is doing rather well; it’s still in the triple to four digits, a few days before payday, what with having no one to treat or dress up for. You haven’t needed to spend over the necessary amount on food, grooming and wardrobe. This is definitely not the worse thing to happen to being single but what’s the point in having all that money if you haven’t got anyone to share it with or spend it on

You play video games without anyone nagging you

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When was the last time someone was on your case about your obsession with your Xbox? If you have plenty of happy memories where you were able to play your console for hours without anyone even notice you were missing then maybe you been single too long. After all the game can’t cook and clean for you. (I’m joking!)

You have surrendered yourself to the idea that you may be a cat person

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You start looking into cat breeds and google cute pictures, next thing you start looking up shelters in your area. If you want a pet for company better off getting a dog, they’re more loyal and will jump on you when they see you.

You hit on your friends 

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You begin to notice how attractive your friends are. You wonder why you allowed yourself to get friend-zoned or rather why you put them in the friend-zone? You start to picture you two as a couple, it would make things a lot easier, you wouldn’t have to go find someone and start from scratch. What do you do about their partner? This can be rather problematic . 

How to get out of the dateless 2013 rut

If any of our past articles  are to go by then you already know finding a future with someone you meet in a club can be a hit and miss. It’s time to fix up, put the freakum outfit on and paint the town red. You may not find your future wifey or hubby but at least you are accumulating new numbers and (candi)dates.

Goodbye single 2013, hello new dateable 2014.

By Annie P

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