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Brand Ambassador

With Social Media being the new word of mouth, do you think you have enough followers to be a Brand Ambassador for Xclusivetouch?

By posting our brand events or video promo on your social media, you will be able to receive complimentary entry to our weekly events or even better Free VIP Area AND Drinks. This deal is for individuals and small promo brands that would like to get involved.

Why become our Brand, Ambassador?

Easy is it to post an image on your social media and if you have a lot of followers why not receive a deal on it. You gain easy access to the events and invite your friends down for nothing.

What do we need you to do?

– Of course, you must have a good following on social media (above 800 followers)
– A good presence on a variety of social media platforms, mainly Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
– Post at least twice per week on each platform about our club nights and engage with people who comment or like the content
If this is something you’re interested in doing, get in touch:


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