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Sometimes Peri-Peri just doesn’t cut it

Nando’s: historically the realm of students and Jack Whitehall jokes. Now, it would seem, Nando’s is fair game for footballers to take their money grabbing, WAG aspiring first dates to as Adnan Januzaj, of Manchester United, dared to. The audacity of this 18 year old taking someone a girl to Nandos!

Basically, the story goes that young Januzaj, complete in tracksuit bottoms, was picked up by Melissa, 25, in her blue Ford Fiesta while she was dolled up to the nines. They proceeded to eat their tasty chicken which cost him the princely sum of £18. Januzaj is on £30,000 per week which is quite a lot of money, y’know?

The one real sticking point from this story is what did they order? You’ll all know that Nandos is very reasonably priced but £18 pound for a meal for two? Nobody goes to Nandos to experiment, you know what you want. For instance I always order a Chicken Breast Burger and 2 sides, now having ordered the same meal for a matter of years (Yes I’m one of those people that walks straight to the counter) I know that this comes to precisely £8.90, now with there being two mouths to feed the sum total of the their meal would have been £17.80…. You see folks my confusion lies in the fact that they they didn’t order a refreshing alcoholic beverage, perhaps even a soft drink keeping in mind that Adnan is professional athelete. Who does that? Unless of course you’re pulling the classic tap water please and then cheekily helping yourself to a glass or 2 of sprite.

What’s great is how much backlash young Melissa has suffered on the part of her appearance in the 100% factually based newspaper, The Sun.


The young Manchester United player was deemed to be “stingy” from the papers account of a supposedly money grabbing, fame hungry young woman who has shied away from her moment in the lime light.

To be honest, he’s probably dodged a bullet here. If the story is to be believes and she is really kicking off about the amount of money he’s spending on her now, and the fact putting her face on cost her £30, then the chances are that she’s not the one, mate. To be perfectly honest, you definitely don’t want to be getting involved with those sorts but they are the kind of girls that hang around footballers just hoping they will lavish them with riches.


If anything, I’d like to think this brings little Adnan closer to the bosom of the country. Bless him, 18 years old, he doesn’t have a clue where to take a girl for a date. Chances are that his mates probably told him to take her there for a laugh and he, being all naïve and junk, thought they were being serious. The second this story broke, they must have been howling.

It’s pretty funny that such a high profile footballer would do this. Not only does it show that he doesn’t want to piss his money away for the sake of getting his leg over, he doesn’t know how to dress for such an occasion; he’s just like the rest of us!

The football community has rallied behind him, though. Rio Ferdinand has been a considerate, understanding senior member of the squad by posting this picture to his Instagram…


Rio wasn’t the only one showing his solidarity. Tottenham Hotspur winger, Andros Townsend, was a good sport about the whole ordeal too tweeting a picture of a Freddo (17p for one those now?!) saying that was all that Melissa deserved. Even the young Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling, showing his support for Januzaj on Twitter as well.

It’s tough for young footballers having all that money, fame and Rio Ferdinand’s #5 caps but let us not forget, behind every young man with money, there are hundreds of girls out there who are more than willing to spend every penny of it just to say they’re dating such-a-body from X United. This isn’t to say there aren’t perfectly lovely potential WAGs out there, of course there are, it’s just that girls like Melissa give the rest of them a bad name.

If all the stories are cool then its seriously not cool, Mel. You deserve all the abuse you get for trying to besmirch Adnan’s good name. Why would hurt this little man? He even had to buy a coke because he forgot his ID.


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