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“Sorry I Have A Boyfriend” – The 5 Words No Guy Wants To Hear When Clubbing

Whether you have a significant other or not, if you’re hot and on a night out without them, you’re probably going to get chatted up.

Some people like to claim that its a bit of a pain when they get chatted up: “tut, I’m only out to have a dance!” but really, no one dances like that unless they want to be noticed. Single or not.

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For the sake of fidelity and just as importantly because your single friends who aren’t being chatted up are now giving you death glares you eventually have to tell them the truth: you are in a relationship. But how does the girl/guy react to this?

Do they respect the fact you are in a relationship or completely ignore it? More interestingly, what happens when we flip the table and see how girls act when a guys drops the “I have a girlfriend” bomb.

How Guys React to “Sorry I have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend”

The “He’s a lucky guy” *wink wink*Wink

He is the type that won’t show his disappointment on the outside, but inside is thinking ‘Oh shit!’ Nevertheless he decides to power on and attempt to win you over by complimenting you through saying how lucky your boyfriend is. All the while edging closer in, playing with your hair, and giving giving you the cheeky grin. Oh yeah, we all know what he’s up to.

 The “So Where Is He Now Then?”search

Probably the most annoying reaction from that smug twat who thinks because you aren’t with your boyfriend at this present time your relationship isn’t serious.

Maybe we want a night with our girls? Maybe we want time away from our other half? Maybe we are allowed to go out without our boyfriend hovering over us monitoring our actions? Don’t try it on by saying this. We will walk away.

The “See ya”

He hears those words leave your mouth and is off in the opposite direction quicker than roadrunner. Up till then he was grafting hard, making polite conversation, fishing for clues as to whether you were in fact taken. And as soon as he gets that info, he makes any excuse to disappear off into the crowd leaving nothing but a cloud of dust.

How Girls React to “Sorry I Have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend”

The “Oh… That’s nice”awkward

She has been all over you all night and when you tell her that dreaded news she instantly stops. She feigns an interest in your girlfriend which starts you off on a full blown speech about how in love with her you are and in the midst of it all… the girl disappears.

You can’t hear her but she’s probably muttering “why waste by time by talking to me then… pr*ck”.

The “I won’t tell if you don’t”
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This is the girl who probably has a partner too, and is most likely very drunk when she says this. But sometimes people just throw everything out the window to have a good time in the moment, not caring about the consequences. Trust me she will regret it in the morning, and she will tell.

The “That’s a shame”
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She is genuinely disappointed that you are taken and apologises for flirting with you. She doesn’t pursue you anymore. Instead she quickly gets over it and moves on to your hot friend. Leaving you slightly offended at how quickly she forgot about you.

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