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I Spent My Whole Life Studying And My Friend With No Degree Is Living Like Diddy

When I graduated from uni last year, I thought I’d feel an overwhelming sense of joy and achievement but for some reason, it just never happened. I couldn’t put my finger on it, I’d seen people describe it as one of the proudest moments of their lives, so why didn’t I feel this way?

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Eventually, I figured it out. The feeling I had was one of relief. Yep, relief. Like a prisoner on his way home after a twenty year stretch. I know that sounds dramatic, but I assure you it’s not, when I sat down and thought about it I’d been in education my entire life. All the way up to that point, the majority of my life I had to wake up and be somewhere, wear a uniform, look presentable. I had to take orders from someone else and now I was finally free.


Or was I? As soon as I finished, the pressure was on me to find a good job. Go back to being hounded by someone? Sit in an office and go back to constantly looking at the clock, waiting for a lunch break, sneaking out for a smoke break? I was now stuck in the same old contradiction that all young people find themselves in – Cant get a job without experience, can’t get experience without a job.

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An old friend rang me later that night to congratulate me. We were tight in school but went different ways after that. I was moving away to uni and he decided it wasn’t for him. I felt he was making a big mistake but never told him, I’m a firm believer in letting everyone travel their own path. We talked for a bit, it was mostly small talk. You know the kind of awkward small talk you have with someone that you’ve not spoken to for years.

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Well he let slip that he’d be away in Vegas for a week and then out in Paris on business after that, but that we should have a catch up and a few drinks to celebrate.

After the call I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d rang just to boast. I’d just spent the last 6 months in a library and this d*ckheads ringing to tell me about out cross Atlantic benders and business trips to Paris.

I couldn’t resist it, I had to find out exactly what it was he was doing. Obviously my first port of call was his Facebook page which of course gave nothing away, aside from a link to his Instagram profile. You guys know who Dan Bilzerian is right? Seriously google him. I almost had to double check I’d clicked on the right link.

It turns out my old friend was doing doing pretty well for himself. That little bast**d was telling the truth and to make it worse he’d played his trump card just as I was coming to the realisation that I’d probably have to spend the summer working in retail. 

There I was spending the last few years stuck in lectures, libraries and the little pub outside my uni and he was out there living life like Diddy. I was living at home and he’d just moved into a new apartment, I was swimming in debt and he was swimming with different women in the Bahamas.

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As much as I’ve loved to whip out my degree when I meet someone and practically say “oooh look at me, I’ so intelligent, I’ve got a degree“, at the end of the day it’s just a piece of paper. The convo will soon switch onto “So…what are you doing with yourself these days“? When it comes down to it, all that really matters is real life experiences and achievements.

Where at the age of 18 I had it all planned and thought that university trumped the real world hands down, I was really just delaying venturing out into the real world for another 3 years. Giving the likes of my friend a head start.

I’m not knocking university at all, it’s the easiest route for most people but its really NOT for all. I enjoyed uni and met some of my best friends there but still feel like I wasted several years in an environment that just didn’t motivate me. It wasn’t until speaking to my old friend that I wished I had learned this sooner.

Sure it made mum happy this time last year but now I don’t think she would be as pissed had I dropped out and made a success through other routes. Incase you didn’t know, Kanye West isn’t the only famous College Dropout. Ralph Lauren, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg all made gazillions without completing higher education.

What these people had in common were they were all highly motivated and ambitious individuals who knew what they wanted out of life. The truth is, we can’t all take the same paths in life to get the to the same place.



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