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how to spot a fake

Who has been to a club and seen a group of guys buying out the bar, V.I.P table, Grey Goose, Moet , having the time of their life they you see them a week later and their on a bus.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with public transport but if you can afford that lifestyle you can afford a car.
We’ve all seen them guys AKA Stuntters
Their the guys in the club with the Gucci belt’s, the Prada shoes , buying the most expensive bottle with fireworks that say look at me ‘LOOK AT ME I HAVE MONEY’

The worst is when student loan comes the beginning of the term you have guys popping champagne then with in weeks they can barely afford to eat. I don’t get it why is it necessary? The average club goer is not rich in fact most of them are students so why this need to ‘stunt’.

In the words of a great rapper called wale ‘ the loudest n****r in the room is usually the brokest. I honestly believe that. People with money don’t show it, why cause it’s not going anywhere so they have nothing to prove.

Once these guys splash in a clubs they will usually attract hungry girls who think that they have money and will fund their lifestyle, and then guys complain about girls being gold-diggers??? What do you expect when all you are presenting is money.

Respectable women wouldn’t take guys like this seriously they can afford there own drinks and do not need guys who think that they can buy them with the last bit of money they have left in the world.

fake people and money

So how do you identity a stunna….

A. Groups of guys who are all wearing Gucci belts with large Gucci buckle and their top tucked in so you can see the large Gucci buckle. Now I’m not saying all guys who wear Gucci belts are stunners but it’s not by force… we get it you can afford and expensive belt put it away.
B. Fireworks / Sparklers in V.I.P when it’s no ones birthday/ hen party or any other special event. Why?? Again it is not by force.. Its great that you can afford V.I.P but why are you drawing attention to yourself so much if you was used to the lifestyle you wouldn’t need to show off about it.
C. Dancing with an expensive bottle.. Pour the drink into a glass and dance we don’t need to see the label of the bottle you just brought.
D. Standing by the bar with a wod of cash… most clubs you can buy a drink with a single £20 note or most people use a card.. Why would you pull out a handful of money.. To buy A drink.
E. Sunglasses … (this one people won’t agree with but ) why do guys wear sunglasses indoors??? There’s no sunlight and your not a celebrity .. take them off.

Advice to guys invest clubbing money into cars, moorages’ and a business. Save the designer clothes until your so rich you don’t even need to wear them. Buy a ticket to a club and bring enough money to buy your self and the girl/s of your choice a drink and money for a cab home.

For a good night out all you need is a good group of friends, good music and enough drink to make you merry.

If any one els can think of ways to identify a stunna tweet us ☺ 

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