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Being Happy Is One Thing But Being Successful Is Another

We all have a rough idea what happiness is. And we definitely know what success is. The real question is, if you have success, is happiness guaranteed to follow?

What Is Happiness?
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Happiness is described as a ‘mental state of well-being characterised by positive or content emotions’. We can all identify with the literal definition of happiness, but as we all know, it is much harder to find, or even really define when it comes to putting it into practise.

What Is Success?
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Simply ‘success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’ now success differs to happiness right from the off as it is not ‘a state of being’. Success can be attainable to anyone who seeks it.

What Completes The Happiness Pie Chart?
What defines a truly happy person? Arguably, someone who has it all: money, success, love, family and friends. But if a person has 3 or 4 out of the 5, is that not enough to achieve happiness?

Or have we been designed to always want more than which we have? Meaning we never truly allow ourselves happiness because there is always something more we can aspire to, in order to make our lives that much better.

Are We Only Happy If We Are Successful?
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Being successful can almost certainly equate to our happiness, for example: I have a new job, one which I have worked very hard to attain, and yes I am very happy.

This being said, whenever you ask anyone if they are ‘happy’ there is almost always a hesitation, this is I believe because no one really knows if they are happy. Happiness I believe is a moment to moment state, for example: if I’m out with friends I know in that moment, yes I’m probably happy.

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But I would argue that people can only inflict momentary happiness or contribute somewhat to your overall happiness pie chart.

The same goes for success.

So Success And Happiness Can Be The Same?
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Or if not the same, then at the very least success is one of the contributors of happiness?

No. Success is a completely different thing to happiness. Success can be seen physically if you look at success as money or a Ferrari. Typically, we equate success with material goods and the size of one’s house for instance.

We never ever look at ‘success’ as being ‘happy’. What if a successful life is actually measured by how happy you are to wake up every morning? And you could argue that really, in life, what greater success is there than being happy?

In which case, success is happiness. It’s just not the same type of success that we initially anticipate

But Only Rich People Who Say “Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness”
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In theory, you could be the happiest and most unsuccessful person, or the most successful and unhappy person. You only have to look at tabloid newspapers to see that some of the most successful people in this country are also the most unhappy.

Yet we all aspire to be like them and have what they have. Take the film the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ or example: fast cars, fast girls, drugs, drink etc. yet look what happened in the end. Was Jordan Belfort happy? Well I guess you’d have to ask him.

The two concepts are very difficult to really pin down in that they are very subjective to class/social background/attitudes/culture etc.

But don’t misunderstand, I know that success and happiness can go hand in hand together and when you have them both…well that really equals fulfillment and that is something I believe we ultimately all want. But that’s another article in itself.

Only You Can Achieve It
Maybe the truth is, that people always believe others are happier than them. Those on minimum wage look at those with money and believe that to be happiness. Those who are single look at those in relationships and believe that to be happy.

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Whatever your idea of happiness is, well if you achieve it, surely that is true success.

So Success + Success = Happiness
The truth is success does equal happiness. It’s just there there are two types of success we have to take into consideration. Monetary success and life success.

In trying to answer this question that is ultimately where we have all been going wrong. Not realising that success itself does not only refer to your career or your bank balance.



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