SWAG is for boys CLASS is for men

SWAG is for boys CLASS is for men

How many goons do you know that have got the freshest Hurraches or Jordans? How many goons do you see filling out of Footlocker when you walk past? If only these guys put as much effort into impressing females as they do their friends.


Swag is fashion, class is style. Both are very different. If you dress to fit the trend you will never keep up. Style is knowing what suits you, and occasionally incorporating key pieces into your look. Style is timeless, style is every where, style comes from inspiration.

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Guys trying to come into a club with a fitted on, when they should be doing the opposite. A night out is one of the perfect excuses to dress up, that along with a formal occasion such as Wedding, Christening and Graduation. Anniversary or Valentines is also an excellent reason to Class it up and SWAG it down.

The term ‘swag’ has been associated and mistakenly misunderstood to mean “style”, and while that may have worked for you in 2011, we have all grown up from that now.

Swag is a Gucci belt or whatever the latest rapper is wearing. And you will attract the kind of girls who like rappers. Table whores and ratchets.


Class goes with style, it shows that you have matured enough to start to create your own “swag”, your own style. Regardless of whats fashionable or “in season”. Class doesn’t have to be a suit, class refers more to a timeless style.


Having style isn’t wearing the latest Balenciaga bomber, Commes des Garcons tee and Givenchy creps. Anyone with money can go into Selfridges and splurge. Wearing designer clothing  doesn’t make you fashionable. However, knowing how to style a certain designer piece with an every day basic wardrobe shows a certain eye and creativity.


Men’s fashion may be harder to relate to. If you are a male all you have to aspire to in terms of style icons are rappers and male models. So either you are dressing like you stepping on set for a video shoot dripping in baseball tees and Jordans, fitteds/snap backs or you look extravagant in leather skinnies with a big old hat and draped in fur.


Style and class is knowing the right cut and shape that fits your body, fashion doesn’t decide for you what looks good on you. Style takes imagination, inspiration, creativity and confidence to be stylish and expressive. Fashion is going out and buying what the magazines and runway shows tell you is going to look good that season.

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