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The Tell Tale Signs He/She Is A Failed Model

We’ve all been there, having captured a killer selfie back in 2005 and received a plethora of praise after posting it up on MySpace. Who didn’t consider scrapping their GCSE’s in order to pursue a career in modelling? Just me?

Nowadays with easy access to software like Photoshop and even the countless Instagram filters, it’s never been easier to enhance images and present an airbrushed, perfect portrait of ourselves which we secretly believe would be fitting for a magazine front cover.

Here’s a few hints on how to spot a wannabe model on social media.

1) Living In The Past



There’s nothing wrong with the occasional ‘Throwback Thursday’ as old pictures are always good for a giggle. However, you’ll find that there are some people that are determined to cling on to their youthful looks and continue to broadcast smouldering poses, sporting curtains and highlights from eight years ago. It’s over. Move on.

2) The Photography Project

So your mate at college/Uni has an assignment and needs a ‘model’ to help out. Bingo, it’s your lucky day as you’re asked to do the honours (based on being so damn sexy) and spend two hours mincing about in a studio trying to achieve that ever so ‘Vogue’ look. The exciting task of uploading a series of black and white snaps entitled ‘Diesel Shoot’ to potentially trick your pals into thinking you’re now a professional model, makes it all worthwhile.

3) The ‘#OOTD’



Models make a living by promoting new outfits for designers, however unfortunately not everyone has the figure for this. Nevertheless, fashion expert girls and sometimes guys who more than likely solely shop at Primark are determined to provide regular updates on their own wardrobes as they share details of the Outfit Of The Day – complete with sixteen irrelevant hashtags. Thanks for that.

4) The Mirror Selfie


When there’s not a camera crew about, there really is no option but to resort to the mirror armed only with an iPhone to capture your beauty. Boys in particular seem to feel that the News Feed is dying for an update on the progress of their abdominals. Those crunches at the gym have been worth it. David Gandy better watch out.

5)  Ego Trip


We all know that person who pops out for an hour to somewhere innocuous like a local cafe and subsequently adds 12 photos as they pout promiscuously like Cameron Diaz whilst clutching a cup of coffee. Nobody cares, Starbucks aren’t paying you, you’re paying them, so drink your skinny latte and go home.



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