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Ten reasons you need to download Tinder NOW

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Lilli Biffybee

Ten reasons you need to download Tinder NOW!!

As someone who has rinsed dry the Online Dating Scene I wasn’t too excited to sign up to this new Tinder App that seemed to keep cropping up in conversation. I have tried and tested them all and I didn’t see this as being any different. Obviously within a matter of days this logic had been put on the back burner and there I was creating my account. It’s only goes and blows my mind box wide open doesn’t it. Let me tell you why.

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1)      It immediately updates your profile picture with your Facebook profile picture. Who doesn’t look for in their profile picture? No one, that’s who.

2)      There is no ‘About me’ section where you have to go in for the hard sell ‘I’m so funny and laid back and not remotely mental like all the other girls BUT if you hurt me or break up with me YOU WILL DIE’ This is always a bonus for those of us that actually do want to have sex at some point in our lives.

3)      It tells you if you have friends in common. THIS IS CRUCIAL. Imagine spending ample time chirpsing some eye candy online only to find out all your mates know him and our getting ultimate joke from your cringe one liners. No thanks… Always talk to strangers.. Forget what you were told when you were 5.

4)      It’s purely physical. You fancy them, they fancy you. Tadaaaaarrrr MATCH. Now all you have to do is blow their minds with your enchanting personality and Roberts your Fathers Brother… You have them hook, line and sinker.

5)      There are no preconceptions. No expectations. No drama. If he is looking to just hook up or find his new wife. You have no idea and that’s the fun part. It takes all the fun out of getting to know someone if the first thing you see is LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP…Woah, easy tiger.

6)      It has a very user friendly BLOCK BUTTON. Always handy for the rowdy whoppa’s.

7)      You can adjust the settings to scope out the talent as close  to your front door as you like, or as far away from home if you are planning on being a dirty dog. Whatever floats your boy eh?

8)      It really does get people talking. A regular dating app you spend so long, winking, poking or ripping apart the online bio that you forget the main objective .. Talking. I have spoken to/dated more guys through Tinder in a month than I have on other free online dating apps.

9)      Its just so fucking exciting getting a match. Especially when they are like mega MEGA fit, so what in real life they wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. For that one split second. They wanted you. Don’t over think it any further than that and you will be on cloud nine yo.

10)   It provides ultimate jokes amongst friends. There is nothing quite so fulfilling as a group of birds or boys getting together and rating people as Hot Or Not. We all love this shit. It’s even better when you stumble across your mates profiles that they ‘Swear to god I didn’t know I had’ .. Yeah right mate.

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So there we have it, if this hasn’t made you want it download the app this very second, you are A sexual or you’re a fridge.

Either way you need to lighten up and have yourself a right good browse.





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