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The TFL Tube Strike Chaos Leads To Brilliant Photos

What’s the common theme linking 4 million people in the Greater London area today? They’ve all been affected by the tube strike. Yes, after Boris Johnson’s controversial decision to sack off the ticket booths has not sat particularly well with the RMT and TSSA who have brought about another strike lasting for 48 hours, from Monday at 21:00 to Wednesday at 20:59. If you’re having a bad time of getting around today not to worry we still tomorrow to look forward to!

Invariably, there were always likely to be some hilarious pictures coming out of this ludicrous scenario. Among the more hilariously packed stations are Finsbury Park, Stratford and Earl’s Court. The pictures coming out of these god forsaken stations today have been adjudged to look not too far from scenes in pretty much any zombie film you can think of; 28 Days Later, World War Z, Shaun of the Dead, it’s all the same gig.

Just look at this one from Earl’s Court…

earls court


Spare a thought for this poor bugger and his incredibly sad hand and face combo 🙁


Or what about this snap from Finsbury Park station?

world war z

Ok, that’s not really Finsbury Park but the reality really isn’t that far off, y’know…

finsbury park

Just in case you were thinking that you might be better off getting a bus today, you were wrong.

oxford st

One man tried to avoid the queues in Brixton by cleverly driving his van in…


Even the Overground decided to go all “Tokyo at 5pm” on us…


London, it would seem, is a city so incredibly dependent on its beloved underground system that it falls to its’ knees and cries long and hard.



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