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That awkward moment when your girlfriends friends are hotter than her

Surely every fella has at some point been faced with this situation. Whether we like to admit it or not, whilst casually seeing a girl, or perhaps involved in a relationship, we may have begun to develop some form of feelings for her. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, we are able to tolerate even her most annoying quirks and eventually very kindly allow her to be seen in public on our arm.


A quick browse around her social circle suggests we’ve picked a decent bird and by the sight of some of her pals, it could clearly have been a lot worse, until that dreaded moment when suddenly out of the wilderness, emerges her supposed ‘best friend’ who also just so happens to be a goddess…think Beyonce at the Grammys

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This is where the dilemma begins, as we lean in for the conventional introductory kiss on the cheek (maybe both cheeks if fortunate) a little part of us dies inside. Now, by all means we probably still like our date/girlfriend, however, the forbidden fruit is always more appealing and when this fruit is dressed in a short dress and heels with a cracking pair of melons on display, it becomes all the more desirable. As men we are programmed to want what we can’t have and in this social scenario, it’s instantly obvious that we cannot have both of these women, unless they somehow, rather ideally, happen to fancy a three way, which lets face it, is unlikely. Much more likely is that the hot friend is now completely out of bounds, but she will nevertheless continue to be friendly and flirtatious towards us, which is simply not fair.


As our hearts sink, we simultaneously start to feel a great deal of sympathy for ourselves and the questions range from ‘Where was she two months ago, when I was single?’ to ‘I wonder how close they actually are’ A lengthy Facebook investigation later that evening will reveal that they are, somewhat predictably, good mates, thus rendering any attraction towards the hot stranger incredibly frustrating. Further annoyances will come when forced to share this heartbreaking news with one of our own pals, who in turn will be certain to introduce himself to the pretty lady and attempt to charm his way into her pants. Very depressing indeed.

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The only option here is ultimately to suck it up and act as if this minx is just as grubby as the majority of women in the local Wetherspoons on a Friday night. She’s not, of course, she’s stunning, but we mustn’t let our girl know that these feelings exist. It’s not hard to judge whether or not girls also feel like this, if a lad bowled up to meet his missus with his 6 ft 5, tanned, bodybuilding buddy, would she secretly fancy a slice? I imagine she would.

The reality is, we’re all going to spot many attractive girls over the years, who will probably not be our girlfriend, or have any intention of ever being our girlfriends. So it’s best that these amazingly beautiful women for the sake of their slightly less fortunate friends are kept at a safe distance whilst we’re drunk, perhaps even in general. Solely for the sake of saving us from the embarrassment of being shot down when making our drunken advances and even potentially ending up girlfriend-less.



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