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The Dating Faux Pas We've Learned From Watching First Dates

First Dates is back on our screens for a second series, the Channel 4 show provides a fly on the wall insight as cameras follow two singletons meeting in a London restaurant for their very first date.

As always the programme offers a variety of humour, despair and even some romance, however there’s plenty of pointers to pick up in the world of dating. Here’s a few things to try and avoid…

Getting There Too Early


First Dates on Channel 4 is all about setting a scene for the daters, however if you find yourself waiting for half an hour and being forced to chat to the barman about chillies then you’ve either been far too keen or even worse…stood up…

 Killer Chat Up Lines




It’s a miracle that anybody actually bothers using chat up lines in 2014, whilst they can be an effective ice breaker, chances are your date will just feel incredibly sorry for you and die a little inside. Up your flirting game!

Bringing Your Pet


It might seem cute in your head, however bringing a pedigree chum along to a date is probably a sign that you’re a little too close and should possibly just go on a date with your pup instead…so to avoid any confusion just leave the dog behind.

Looking Exactly Like Alan Carr


Whilst resembling one of the nations most loved TV personalities could have its advantages, being the spitting image of Alan Carr is ultimately going to ensure you are viewed as a eccentric, overly camp, chat show host, which as a straight guy isn’t ideal.

Using Mr Bean As A Role Model


Poor old Corinne certainly knows how to impress a man, whilst being offered an oyster on her date, she was apprehensive, these were her reasons for potentially not enjoying the taste:

“I saw Mr Bean have them and he didn’t like them.”

Seems fair enough, right?

Begging For Kisses 


A first kiss should be a spontaneous and romantic moment and your chances of receiving one may well be reduced if you continuously ask your date for one. There’s being confident and then there’s just being plain desperate. It’s a fine line guys! 

Ordering Coq-A-Vin


Girls, should make an effort to choose the most innocuous food available, ideally nothing which could provoke connotations of a phallic or sexual nature.

Got that Corinne?


Oh God..




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