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Things Only Girls With Big Boobs Would Say

A girl with large breasts, complaining about the size of her breasts to a girl with A-cups is literally the definition of a cruel joke.

Because for every girl in the world with a great rack, there’s another girl out there, who secretly hates her.

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Because there’s nothing more annoying than having to act sympathetic to the problems only girls with big boobs seem to understand. As a member of the opposite team, let it be know, that the only type of response we ever have to offer to the below statements, are sarcastic ones.

“OMG You’re So Lucky That You Can Wear Backless Dresses Without A Bra!”
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Yeah well, you can wear a low cut dress without looking like a boy. That must be pretty nice too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bra to stuff.

“Padded Bras Are False Advertising”
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Yeah well so is makeup and spanks but you don’t seem to have a problem with them.

If you think about it, padded bras are like breast implants without the commitment and the large dent to our bank accounts. Don’t hate on us for being financially savvy about our boob situation.

“I have to wear a polo neck to work otherwise I spend half the day distracted by my own cleavage”
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“Ugh It’s So Annoying I Have To Hold My Boobs Down Every Time I Run Up Stairs”
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Yeah well last week I ate too much pizza and had to hold my stomach when I ran up the stairs, but you don’t see me bragging about it.

“It’s So Annoying I Look Sexual In Everything I Wear”
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I’d feel for you, if you hadn’t already taken three side boob pics of yourself for Facebook.

“OMG How Embarrassing My Boob Popped Out Again!”
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Well then strap them down. Buy a better bra. Live in polo necks. Whichever prevents me from having to come face to face with your nipple again.

“My Eyes Are Up Here You Know”
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I know but your boobs are down there. I’m sorry but amazing boobs have their own gravitational pull, making it scientifically impossible to not look at them when they’re out. So don’t wear a low cut top and the complain when guys can’t keep their eyes away from your assets.

Sometimes I Grab My Boobs, Because, Well I Can…
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Yeah well I can run up the stairs without knocking myself out, so take that you big breasted beauty.

Damn it woman, they’re just boobs. And despite what the blonde girl in Mean Girls thinks they don’t have magic powers, so stop going on about them.

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We don’t have time for your breast related moaning, because some of us are busy trying to convince the male population that great bums are just as good.



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