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The Things Single Girls Are Sick Of Hearing…

We’ve all had a laugh at the stupid things single girls say and now it’s time for a rebuttal. Because if you think single girls come out with some stupid stuff, you should hear the stuff they have to deal with.

Lets face it being single has its ups and it’s down. It used to have more ups: partying, drinking, flirting with cute strangers. But there’s no buzz kill like hearing “don’t worry he’s just around the corner” or “don’t give up it will happen”.

For the sake of single girls everywhere, I’ve composed a list of five things single girls do not want to hear, so be a doll and never say the following phrases …like ever. Because nothing makes us go from fabulous and free to sad and lonely like hearing…

“Maybe you’re being too picky.”
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Really, well maybe I should just date an ogre. Would that make you happy?! Would it?!

This phrase is over used. I mean what’s wrong with having high standards. If a guy doesn’t have the chat then he is a no. If the guy doesn’t have a driving license it is a definite no. If he can’t string together a joke, then no, no and no. So what if singletons have a check list – it is no one else’s business. At least we have standards?!? Right?

“You Need To Love Yourself First!”
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Blah blah blah I do not even want to go into this one. Such a generic, sentence, never say it!

“Why Not Try Online Dating?”
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This is becoming more and more popular option. So if a girl can’t get a date in the real world, they may need to try the cyber world. No no no thank you. Come on if a singleton wanted to try or she would, she doesn’t need someone else to suggest it. For now there’s Tinder and that’s more than enough.

“What About That Guy You Were Seeing Last Weekend”
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That didn’t work out, obviously – trust me a singleton would tell you if it was worth talking about! So don’t bring it up unless she does first. Got it?

“It Will Only Happen When You Stop Looking”
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OMG thank you for your awesome advice.

Don’t forget to add “it’ll happen when you least expect it”; yes I’ve heard this one once or twice before. “Have no expectations and see what happens”. Ha no chance.

However to be fair, “you never know what’s waiting for you just around the corner!” does have a bit of merit to it. Surprises are always fun. Love surprises. Live for the thought that the next man you date will be Channing Tatum. I mean… you never know.

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Now non-single-rest-of-the-world, I hope you have all taken in what I’ve said. Never ever repeat the above sentences to a singleton near you – and avoid being elbowed in the face by one.



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