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#ThrowBackThursday Etiquette: The 5 Throwbacks That Everybody Hates

Throwback Thursday is just a weekly reminder of who was much hotter 5 years ago than they are now.

You see there are two types of people: The Sunday morning instagrammers, who wake up bright and early to post 9 consecutive pictures of themselves from the night before: them with the vodka bottle, them next to the vodka bottle, them drinking from the vodka bottle.

Then there are the Thursday instagrammers. The Throwback Thursday-ers. The people who have finally found a use for the 10,000 photos they’ve taken of themselves since the invention of the camera-phone.

Which is fine, or it would be, if they weren’t doing it all wrong. Since Instagram has yet to give me the option of disliking your pictures, lets set up some rules…

1. That Hot Selfie You Took Last Week Does Not Count As A #Throwback
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I get it, we all have different definitions of the world “old” but we have to draw the line somewhere.

There’s no definitive guideline, but a ballpark is: if it taken before Justin Beiber hit puberty it counts as a throwback. If it was taken before Paris Hilton’s sex tape it counts as a throwback. If it was taken before Victoria Beckham’s first boob job, it counts as a throw back. Anything more recent than that, does not.

2. You Do Not Need 17 #TBT Pictures, One Will Do
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We get it, the pictures of you from this time 3 years ago were much hotter than anything you have to post now and so you’re using #ThrowBackThursday to keep up appearances. That doesn’t mean you need to make up for your lack of weekly uploads by uploading 17 in one day. One will do.

3. Using A Black & White Filter On A Pic Of You From Last Year, Doesn’t Make It Old
Instagram Moment Funny Throw Back Thursday
You’re fooling no one.

4. Stop Posting #ThrowBackThursday Pictures On A Friday! 
Too Late Are You Kidding Me Angry Woman Throwback
You missed the boat, get over it and wait till next week like the rest of us. I promise you, no one has even noticed your absence from this weeks #TBT. 

5. Stop Re-posting Last Weeks Throwback Pics
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It didn’t get any likes last week, so it probably won’t get any likes this week. It’s not because no one saw it, we all just feel that the picture should have stayed in 2007 when it was taken.

So since we’ve gone through what you can’t do, here’s what you can: find an old photo album, take a picture of a picture and then text all your friends “haha did you see the picture I just posted on instagram” in hopes that they’ll take the hint and give you a link.



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