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Tom Hiddleston Should Not Be Allowed To Accept Awards

While I keep mistaking him for the Hull City midfielder of a very similar name, Tom Hiddleston is currently going through one of those patches where he is pretty much infallible. To prove just how much of a roll he is currently on, ELLE have decided to name him as their Man of the Year.

Now, as a rule, the awarding of such a prestigious honour usually comes with an acceptance speech which is as smooth and silky as angel delight. Tom decided to go for a slightly different angle on this and bollocks the entire thing up. Of course, him being the suave and charismatic man that he is, Mr. Hiddleston has been described as “cute” and “adorable” whereas I would have been branded a “berk” or having the mental age of a four year old. This is why he’s the star, leave it to the pros.

To be fair to my mate Tom, he is a pretty cool guy. He manages it well with all the style of Hugh Grant being all charmingly befuddled in Family Guy. It’s just a big mess but the fact of the matter is that I’m under the impression he sort of seems to think the whole charade is a bit much anyway? Is he really THE Man of the Year? Are there not people more deserving of this mantle than an actor who’s shot to prominence in the last calendar year?

While is inconceivable that an actor can be given such a lofty honour, there are certainly worse people to accept this than a man who attained a double first in Classics from Cambridge University and, generally, doesn’t come across as being that much of a dickhead.

Anyway, it’s always fun to see people we idolise prove that they are just human so let’s watch as Tom Hiddleston messes his acceptance speech up. Oh, he’s also got a plaster on his forehead. I’m not really too sure why…




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