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My Top 10 most annoying female characters on TV

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I don’t know what it is about producers and writers I feel like they hate women (most probably their wives) and portray this through the characters they write because they create THE MOST JARRING IRRITATING ANNOYING FEMALE CHARACTERS EVER. And the actresses who choose to accept this role you must hate yourselves?! Every television drama has a woman problem and it is definitely becoming more prominent. Of course the annoying, interfering, doesn’t-know-what’s-good-for-her, character is present in not only tv but films but if I were to touch on films too this would never end so I’ll save it for another post.

The women are always made out to be irritating and never listen! They don’t do what they are told a common example being a simple request “wait here”. As the man runs off to fight the baddies. All she had to do was be quiet and save him the stress of having to look out for her while he’s fighting them off. What does she do? Runs out or makes a sound, gets herself kidnaped and used as a bargaining tool so the guy has to give in to the bad guys demands. They always land themselves and the guy in trouble *huffs*.

Typical traits- do we possess them?

I cannot be the only female who finds ‘women’ annoying as hell. In fact I’m pretty sure most, if not all women think they are different to other women which ironically makes us all somewhat the same. The women have to know everything! Just leave it out! They badger the guy for info and then they get mad emotional because they cant handle and I’m over here like Jesus Christ *throws shoe at screen*. We all look at other women and think nah, that’s not me. But is this the case? Are we ourselves like these annoying characters. Only we can’t see it or are the characters annoying traits exaggerated.

*spoiler alert* if you have yet to watch any of the mentioned tv shows I am about to reveal to you the extent of the annoying female characters. 


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1. Deb Morgan from Dexter For me personally she is a close second to Skylar White level of irritation. Her constant pained face and urgency to solve everything is highly aggravating. In fact her character is similar to that of Carrie fromHomeland

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2. Rita Bennett from Dexter Always complaining never happy with anything Dexter does always tries to make him feel guilty 

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3. Carrie Mathison from Homeland see number 1

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4. Jessica Brody from Homeland This disrespectful boy looking woman got on my nerves. So she sleeps with her husband’s best friend. He finds out punches him up and walks out on her at a party. SHE gets mad? In what world are you in a position to be mad at him? Another situation was when she finds out her husband has reverted to Islam, and throws his Qu’ran on the floor to which he picks up and says “it’s not suppose to touch the floor”. She then acts up like “are you serious right now?” said with attitude and confusion. Erm yes? *slap* don’t be so disrespectful and ignorant you swine.  

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. Dana Brody from Homeland For goodness sake cut the attitude, if you was my daughter you would not be getting away with your behavior. And stop being so inna!!!!! If your dad’s bedroom door is locked while he’s trying to change why does this bother you, little perv.

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6. Skylar White from Breaking Bad This unappreciative cow right here is the bane of many of our lives. So much so she has a Facebook page dedicated to her death. Which never came unfortunately. 

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7. Marie Schrader from Breaking Bad I didn’t pay much attention to her up until Hank found out about Walt’s choice of career. She gets herself involved and becomes another bane in my Breaking Bad life. 

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8. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City Doesn’t know a good thing when she has it, constantly runs back to a man who clearly doesn’t take her seriously, finally finds a good guy Aidan, cheats on him with previous boyfriend who dumped her went to France and got engaged to someone else, after breaking poor Aidan’s heart decides she wants him back, gets him back and still treats him like shit and then dumps his ass after accepting his marriage proposal -_-

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9. Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead I hate women who cheat and especially those who cheat on their dead husbands (she thought he was dead and it was 3 weeks -_-) like where’s your respect, shouldn’t you be in mourning or something babes? This also refers to Jess Brody from Homeland. 

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 10. Andrea from The Walking Dead Andrea is the perfect example of a woman who never listens. Always tries to get involved, one time thought she would get her self involved and do some shooting only she almost took Daryl Dixon’s head off!

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Rant over, please don’t let my post discourage you from watching any of these and hopefully you can form your own opinions on the characters. 

By Annie Ploy



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