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TOP 10 most memorable Breaking Bad moments.

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That’s it, its over, no more tuning in to see Skylar on your screen with a face like a smacked arse, no more scenes with Walt Jr at the breakfast table, no more Heisenberg.

As sad as it is after 5 seasons of what has be one of the all time greatest shows to grace our TV screens (or laptops) Breaking Bad is over.

As a final farewell to Breaking Bad and as a way of getting over our post Breaking Bad blues, we thought it be only appropriate to compile a TOP 10 of some of our most memorable moments of the show.
*They are in no particular order

1. Come at me Bro
Gus Fring shows it takes real balls to get to the top in the fierce chicken game.

No.2 Uncle Salamanca – DING!!!
Uncle Sal reveals himself to be a true OG by not snitching and kicking up a stink.

3. Image is Key

Quite possibly the best death, most definitely an oxymoron. Even with half of his face having been blown off Gustavo Fring remains the epitome of cool.

4. This, is not meth.
Walt’s years as a teacher seemed to have rubbed of on Heisenberg as he teaches Tucu a chemistry lesson.

5. The Ricin
The deadly poison featured as Heisenberg’s weapon of choice in multiple seasons. Heisenberg on the phone to the “stiff bitch” asking whether she had a cold in the closing scenes of the last ever episode asking has got to be one of the coldest most calculated murders.

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6. I am the one that Knocks

Walt finally shows a glimpse of Heisenberg to Skylar. An epic monologue, it even had the likes of Samuel L Jackson uploading his on version.

Samuel L Jackson’s version

7. Tread lightly Bitch

Heisenberg and Hank finally come face to face. If only Hank new how to tip toe.

8. Hank Goes out like a true G

After not taking Walt’s advice earlier in the final series, Hank continues to stick to his guns and bows out with one of the most memorable lines of the show.

9. Send him to Belize

Saul Goodman gets another mention in our list, with many pearls of wisdom through out the 5 seasons. His euphemism for killing Jesse tops the list whilst probably sparking outrage at the PR department for Belize’s tourism board.

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10. The Penny drops
In what is undoubtedly TVs most agonizing cliff-hanger Hank finally pieces the puzzle together.

Tweet us any moments that you think we missed out on; it will probably help us deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Otherwise we guess we’ll just have to

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