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Top 10 New Years Resolutions that wont make it to february

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We have all been there, set a list of resolutions we are committed to keeping which 80% of us end up breaking within the first week of the new year. So what is it about the new years resolutions that makes it so hard to keep?

Setting an impossible challenge?

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One of the main reasons is most likely to be we set the bar too high. If you are a smoker then I am sure that you have at least once vowed to quit smoking, whether it be everyday you wake up and take that first morning pull or when you spend your last change on a pack of tens. So then why do we insist on setting goals we know we will break as a “new years resolution” if we had 364 days to do something about it beforehand?

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10. Get organized
9. Stop *enter bad habit here*
8. Finish the “to-do” list
7. Cook at home more
6. Travel to new places
5. Work out more, eat healthier, lose weight
4. Quit smoking/ drinking
3. Spend less, save more
2. Cut down on going out, raving, pubs & bars
1. Read more

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The “New year. New start” myth

I put this down to the “new year, new start” myth. Yes thats right myth. I say this because if you want to make a change in your life big or small you will do it. No need to wait until the 31st of December to start planning a new life for yourself. I can understand why some people may do this, the idea behind it is encouraging. It makes people feel like they are in control of their life and they’re cleansing themselves of their bad habits that may or may not have brought them down in the year.

Disappointing results 🙁

So the obvious settlement is to set resolutions we can manage to reach. Realistic targets. We know it is almost impossible and unsuccessful to expect someone to be able to quit smoking or stop drinking at the drop of a hat (or strike of a clock). So isn’t it more logical to set measurements. Instead of “quit smoking” how about “cut down to a cigarette with every meal”. The aim isn’t to go cold turkey, that never ends well, you will probably end up worse because of the stress of failing. The chances are with noticeable progress you might actually be able to kick the habit without stressing yourself out and feeling like a failure.


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Make them attainable- Instead of going in for the jackpot, set on reaching mini achievements that help you on your way to reaching the big goal.

Plan, plan, plan- If you have the time preparing and planning will help. Also try to keep a diary of your progress so you can look back and see how you are doing.

Keep it simple and measure your success- Setting simple resolutions make for better results which equals a happier and more satisfied you 😀

Treat failure as a small setback- One small moment of weakness shouldn’t mean you cut your losses with the challenge completely! Start again the next day and keep on going! Giving up on the first failed attempt is probably one of the reasons many people give up and write off their new years resolutions completely. Remember this isn’t a competition or exam with strict guidelines. You are the one rewarding and punishing yourself, give yourself the benefit of the doubt, turn a blind eye where needed and keep going.

Reward yourself- This doesn’t necessarily mean you reward yourself with whatever it is you are trying to avoid. But if you are doing well for example you, go a month without doing any shopping after having come from a time where you are constantly online shopping *hangs head* maybe treat yourself to a small gift, set a budget and if you manage to even stay under it that’s another achievement that can give you major motivation!

Remember that if there’s a habit you wish to break start working on them now, get ahead of the game. Every day you have the chance to reinvent yourself, every day can be a new day, a new year for you. GOOD LUCK!!! x x x

By Annie Ploy

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