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Intro/description: “When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships.” – Andy Warhol. Well its 2013, and I don’t actually watch TV, just shows online so you’re halfway there Mr. Warhol. Here are my top five must see box sets before you die… or even just unmissables in general. Counting down:

5) The Wire (HBO)

4) Luther (BBC)

3) Dexter (Showtime)

2) Breaking Bad (AMC)

1) The Walking Dead (AMC)

These are my personal top five, however the fact that I managed to cut down my list of eighteen ‘must sees’ shows that these are definitely the ones worth watching. I know some of you, if not most will be shouting at your screens disagreeing with The Wire being only number five. I know that is a top favourite as it is based around the streets of Chicago and America’s capital state being split into two distinctly different social worlds, which focuses on both street and political life. Eventually one day I myself, will get round to watching it and witnessing what all the hype around that was about.

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This leads me to my number four. Luther. Idris maaan. We have to support our British brother. In this crime drama he plays a DCI working in the serious crime unit based in London. Now the seasons are pretty short, I am talking three, four max and there are only three seasons to date, so you die hards can catch up in 24 hours to be honest.

Dexter is another amazing show that is currently airing its last season! I won’t say too much on this as I have yet to catch up on the whole of season 8. But remember that feeling you get when you watch CSI or a good action film and the bad guy gets an easy shot to the head. Or just drops off the top of a building. And it leaves you feeling cheated and unsatisfied. Well Dexter has got it covered. Michael Hall plays a blood splatter analyst who sees many bad criminals go free because they have a good lawyer or there was lack of evidence. Whatever the reason he acts as a vigilante and makes sure they get what they deserve.

Breaking Bad need I even write about this? Ok I will, but I will keep it short because if you haven’t heard or watched it then what are you even doing reading this post? Log on to your Netflix or stream it somewhere then come back after you finished it and watch my number one must see box set!

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Having looked over the top five it’s quite a bunch of depressing shows but I swear by this, it will leave you screaming at the TV or laptop for the next episode. Luckily for at least two of the shows seasons are now completed so you no longer have to anticipate that weekly update. A show that I swear by is most definitely The Walking Dead. This is my choice for the number one hot spot because it has yet to end. So the possibilities and potential are still growing. Now you might think ‘hmmm another zombie show? Zombies aren’t my thing.’ Trust me. Zombies are far from my thing. I avoid all movies such as Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead anything that involves a post-apocalyptic world or some sort of outbreak of a “deadly virus”. But The Walking Dead will leave you so far off the edge off your seat you are horizontal. On the ground, once those 42-45 mins are over! And the best part, anybody goes. Literally anybody can die. Your favourite characters are not safe in this. And I am excited to say it’s coming back! First episode of season three is out to air 13th October! 

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So buckle up guys and girls! “Winter is coming!” and it’s that time to stay indoors tucked in with a good marathon that I am sure will last you until early spring.  If you find yourself needing a break from square eyes and want to get in touch with the real world I suggest you book some tickets and head down to our xclusivetouch Halloween party! Come as one of your favorite characters. I predict a lot of yellow rubber suits and duos of Jesse and Mr. White!

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Honorable mentions & ones you should watch out for:

True Blood, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Homeland, Lie to me, American Horror Story, Devious Maids and for comedy; The Mindy Project, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Scrubs & classic Friends.

By Annie Ploy




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