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Top ten clubbing holidays.

Top ten clubbing holidays.

Yayy summers hear, schools out and that means holiday season whooo. Sun Sea drinks clubs and holiday romances.

But where is the best place to go to enjoy your self?

In light of our Marbella weekender (18-22nd July 2013)

Here are the top ten clubbing holidays!

1. Las Vegas- Hangover!!!! What is there not to love about Vegas? Clubs, casinos, show girls, penthouses, shopping, fine dining, big lights, celebrities.
It seems like a world away from London. Just bring plenty of money!

2. Cancun- Spring break!!! In March things get crazy in Cancun, pretend you a college kid (American accent) and have a spring break to remember. (If you seen any American college spring break film you know things can get crazy)

3. Miami – I’ve been to Miami and it is amazing!!! Everyone is good looking there (it must be the weather)
Clubs to go to.. Mansion, Dreams and King of diamonds (pole dancers 😮 are practically gymnastics)

4. Ibiza – As soon as you say Ibiza you think of clubs and nightlife. The iconic island really does have it all and has managed to stay at the forefront of clubbing holidays for years. Filled with world wide famous DJ’S Ibiza is a must.

5. Ayia napper – Napper was defiantly the place to be 2006-2010. Funky house was poppin and Ayia Napper was the place to see all the best London’s DJ and Artist. Ayia napper practically made Funky D career with ‘Are you gonna bang’ Napper also boast to have the best beach in Europe: Nissi Beach

6. Marbella – I don’t know if it’s the only way is Essex influence but Marbella now seems to be getting more and more popular. And last years weekender was soooooo amazing we doing it again.

7. Malia – Similar to Ayia Napper filled with great clubs and a generally attractive island.

8. Kavoz – Not my sort of holiday (have you seen ‘what happens in kavoz ?) but if you crazy and a daredevil and like getting completely and utterly wasted then this may be the holiday for you.

9. Zante , the Greek islands really know how to party. You could literally go anywhere in Greece and have a good time but this is somewhere I would recommend.

10. Magaluf – cheap and cheerful Magaluf popular with students cheap drinks and cheap clubs

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