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Top ten fashion nono’s in a club

Top ten fashion nono’s in a club 

This is my top ten fashion no’s that I’ve see in clubs. Tweet us your club fashion hates for the chance to win V.I.P table + more.

1. Sunglasses : why oh why! There is no need for it these no sun in a dark club.

2. Bad weave/hair extensions: girls put as much effort into you hair as you do your outfit.

3. To much name brand: Gucci belt, Gucci shoes, Gucci hat screams ‘I’M FAKE’

4. Tights with open toe shoes:????

5. Kitten heels: theses types of shoes should be saved for church.

6. Eyebrows: girls are abusing the mac eye brow pencil and it’s starting to scare me.

7. Wear clothes that fit: this goes for men and women. Guys no clothes that are too baggy or too tight. Girls no church clothes but don’t show off all the goodies.

8. Shirts with collars up : Cringe

9. Matching outfits with your friends. Colour coordination unless its an birthday party or hen party BIG NONO

10. Too much tan: especially when your wearing white.

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