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Top ten winter activities to keep you both satisfied

Winter’s here and if you are looking for something more exciting to do then this is the perfect place to find ideas. If you have read my previous post on gift ideas for your partner then this is a great follow up read.

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1. Book a cooking class at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. You get to cook without getting your own kitchen messy and it might even end in a better result if you’re not that strong in the kitchen department as there will be someone guiding you with each step. Jamie’s offers a variety of cuisines such as Thai green curry, Vietnamese street food, cooking the perfect steak or making your own pizza.

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2.Host a film festival from your home. It’s less hassle than hosting a party/gathering more like movie night with a crowd. You can put together a selection of food and snacks, have drinks and stream from Netflix or if you don’t have an account engage in the traditional dvd marathon. You can even turn it into a themed night and get your guests to dress up as their favourite character from their favourite movie.

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3.Ice skating is part of the perks of winter and the Christmas season as there are open ice rinks at Somerset house, or indoors at the O2 area or Westfields. Something enjoyable for friends, families and couples to take part in.

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4.Winter Wonderland is also up and running from 22nd Nov-5th Jan (excluding Xmas day) and it is always nice to take a visit down to Hyde park, get on some rides, eat some German hot dogs and drink some hot cider.

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5. Theaters are often overlooked but provide excellent live entertainment if you choose wisely. There are a range of west end shows to choose from such as west end comedy, west end drama and of course my favourite west end musical. 

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6.A romantic get away to a hotel with a spa. It’s always nice to spend a night or two away from your usual daily life and you can rekindle the romance in an infinity pool, take a long shower thats big enough for two, then kick back in a king size bed and order some room service. Check or wowcher for some amazing deals.

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7.Outdoor activities are an option for those of you who are more of the adventurous type. This can be bungee jumping, go karting, zorbing and zip lining. If you want to try something adventurous but don’t want to freeze to death before the chance of falling to your death (sorry) then why not try rock climbing? Groupon offers lots of deals for indoor climbing for beginners and GOape.

eating out

8. Eating out is a simple option but if you choose the right cuisine and right location then it can be a very enjoyable one. If like myself, you enjoy a juicy beef burger with cheesy fries then head on to Meat Liquor on Welbeck street, London. Be aware though the queue is very long both inside and out and after two failed attempts I finally saw it through on the third time. Other unmissable places include Bodean’s, Five Guys, Patty & Bun, STK, Dirty Martini and Busaba Thai found in both Westfields and on Kings Road.

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9. Winter Sun if you can catch it then why the hell not? Book yourself and your boo thang an exotic trip and get away from the rain and snow we are about to face in England! Visit Egypt, or Cyprus how about Thailand? Where you know the weather will be the complete opposite of what we face. I know that December-January is the best time to visit Thailand as it is much cooler than the rest of the year(don’t worry temperature still reaches over 30 degrees celsius!), so you can actually enjoy and tolerate being outdoors. Head down to your local travel agent or check out or even Groupon for unmissable deals!

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10. Staying in is the cheapest and on some days the most appealing option! We all need some down time either alone or with our other half. Staying in doesn’t have to be like any other night, make it special set a plan of things you want to do. Meals you can cook together, films to watch, and if by 9pm you have watched all you can and eaten all you can then throw on your fancy threads and head down to one of our many xclusivetouch events.

Whatever you choose to do this winter, as long as you are with your loved ones it will be enjoyable nonetheless. Stay safe! 😀 x x x

By Annie Ploy



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