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How To Trick A C-List Celebrity Into Dating You

You know the type, fake tanned reality stars without much talent, mediocre footballers, and actors who “have been in loads of things” yet you have to look them up on IMDB to find their name.

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What a catch! So who wouldn’t want to bag a C-list? The only problem is, among us mere mortals, these C-listers seem to think they’re A-list celebs. So in order to get with one, you have to pretend to be one. Don’t worry, it’s unlikely they’re famous for theirs brains, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them sussing your game.

Be cool, be calm, be reem and follow our official 5 step guide to getting yourself a C-list celebrity:

Think WAG

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Everyone knows that WAGS are finely skilled in the art of bagging celebs. You have got to look the part! So follow in their footsteps: Think designer handbags complete with a small dog, cars bigger than necessary and more often than not, a very irritating voice.

Think Plastic
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Boob jobs, bum jobs, botox, all increase your chances of attracting said C-list celeb. They’re all about the looks, after all, that’s probably what’s gotten them to where they are now.

Cyber stalk
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Thanks to Twitter, these days you can literally talk to celebrities any time of the day. So sexy selfie up your profile picture and hit up whichever one you fancy and wait for a reply. James Arthur definitely would!

Locate them
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C-list Celebrities are most likely paid to turn up to clubs (jealous). So just rock up on the night that Gaz from Geordie shore is there and introduce yourself. Though, it might be best to wait until they are suitably drunk in the VIP lounge on grey goose and champagne to make your move.

The drunker he is, the hotter you will seem… and that always helps.

Romantic getaway
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If all else fails, your just going to have to manage to get onto ‘I’m a Celebrity! Get me out of here’ and find your c-lister that way. It worked for Peter and Katie… For a while. You never know, maybe they’re looking for fake tan slathered extras?



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