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Would you trust your partner in a club?

Would you trust your partner in a club?

It’s not been an easy pregnancy for Kim and it seems to going from bad to worst with new cheating claims that suggest that Kanye may have cheated on the star with 24 year old Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi.

The pair meet at one of Kanye shows and is rumored to have seen each other numerous times.

Keeping to the subject of cheating I wonder is it possible to go to clubs/concerts often and still be faithful to your boy/girlfriend.

I know a lot of you would say, “of course I could be faithful” but really how easy is it. You’re in a club you see someone you find attractive then they approach you, what do you do. “ Sorry I have a partner” this works the first couple of times but there might that one time you have an argument with your boy/girlfriend you start and conversation with a person you just meet and as soon as you know you’re a cheat.

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I’m not making excuses for Kanye but it must be hard for him being who he is and having temptations all around him. 

Are you lot comfortable with letting your other half out in the clubs? Is it different for men and women? 
Is it ok to let your partner dance with another person who isn’t you?

Being girls I know what it’s like you say you have a boyfriend and some loser will say, “don’t worry babes we can be friends “ Is it my fault, why do I go to clubs if I don’t want to be chatted up, subconsciously I think that we all go to clubs wanting to meet someone even ifs its to boast our ego for that one minute. 

What are your thoughts on this subjects guy? 

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