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Tyler, The Creator Starts A Riot At SXSW And Gets Arrested

I still remember the first time hearing about Tyler, The Creator. I was 18, sat in halls in first year, frantically pulling my hair out as servers everywhere were crashing. Leeds tickets had just gone on sale and Zane Lowe was spinning that song. You know the one, where says he’s gonna stab Bruno Mars in his oesophagus. Maybe a bit harsh but the kid had direction and a solid plan, I like that in my rappers.

Ever since, Tyler has been cast in this weird little West Coast, Robin Hood role as his band of merry men, or OFWGKTA, go off and do what they do. This isn’t to say they don’t their own merits. Frank Ocean is now one of the most well known voices in R ‘n’ B and Earl Sweatshirt is, arguably, the best rapper of the lot. Hodgy Beats is none too shabby either.


Out of all of them, though, Tyler has become the most divisive figure. Marmite to the core, this guy does not give a fuck what you think of him. He does what he does and he does that well. Whether he’s rapping, producing, directing or berating, he gets an opinion.

His latest endeavour may have gotten him into something pretty dumb, however.

SXSW, South By South-West, has been happening in Austin, Texas, recently and Odd Future were playing. Tyler, being Tyler, started telling people outside of their set, “Y’all push through, get in, come on”. They did, people could have gotten really fuckin’ hurt and Tyler was later arrested on the charge of inciting a riot. It may be construed as being in bad taste after the death of two people earlier in the week as a result of some drunken asshole getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

Let this be a lesson to you all; don’t drink and drive and hugely popular, city wide music festivals and don’t incite riots if you happen to be playing at such an event.

As silly as getting yourself arrested is, this mugshot really will brighten up even the darkest of days.




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