The Undercover Sluttiest Professions
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The Undercover Sluttiest Professions: Strippers Didn’t Even Make The Cut!

Do certain jobs naturally bring out people’s inner slut? Well the people have spoken and apparently they do.

We asked you the public, which careers you believe home the nation’s secret sluts and here is our top ten list. Some surprising… some not so surprising.

10. Makeup Artists
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Their career is basically centered around looking good. And when you look good, you get male attention. That’s just how the slutty cookie crumbles.

9. Hairdressers
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I guess men must like women who know their way around a pair of scissors. Or who know how to flick their hair. Either way, hairdressers made the list and I can only speculate why.

Wait, is it because they’re good with their hands? Must be.

8. Dentists
horrible bosses jennifer aniston gif dentist slutty lick

Though I think this ones more thanks to Jennifer Aniston and her boobs in Horrible Bosses than anything else. If nothing else this film educated us on the fact that dentists are freaks. And that lab coats are hot.

7. Nurses

If Grey’s Anatomy has taught me anything, it’s that on-call rooms are seldom used for sleeping in. And elevators are writhing with sexual electricity. It must be all those shared showers and access to heavy meds that does it for them.

In their defense their workplace has constant access to freshly made beds… if that’s not asking for it, I don’t know what is.

6. Teachers
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They have to spend 6 hours a day dealing with naughty children, so it’s hardly surprising they made our list. They have to release their stress somehow… and hitting the bottle only makes dealing with those little monsters the next day, that much the harder. So sex it is.

Plus the words “you’ve been very naughty” have become a part of their daily vocabulary, and men like that.

5. Promoters
Mark Sloane McSteamy Topless Towel Abs Bath Sex Hot Gif

Promoters are basically people who get paid to party. Sleeping with their guests is just part of the territory. It would probably be included in the birthday packages they sell, if that wasn’t considered prostitution.

4. Air-Hostesses
Britney spears air hostess toxic music video gif

As Britney Spears aptly demonstrates, air hostesses are hot… and hot people get a lot of sex. Plus, what else is a pretty girl in a sexy uniform to do when spending the night alone in yet another hotel at yet another stop?

3. Personal Trainers
Personal trainer gif topless ripped shredded muscles gif tattoos

If they’re going to spend that long working on their abs, they might as well use them to their advantage after. Plus dealing with sweating, moaning stretching women all day is enough to awaken the beast within any man.

2.  Footballers
david beckham kiss hot girls fans footballer gif

Well, yes. Obviously.

Give a man a lot of money and a nice car and it goes to his head. Both of them.

1. Models
model underwear gif sexy hot

Models have swiped the number one position on our top of the sluts career list. Though not to be discriminatory, male models are included in this one.

Well, what do you expect from people who spend the whole day “making love to the camera”.

Then of course, there are the jobs which didn’t make our short list: librarians, electricians, bloggers and engineers. Sorry guys. Apparently there’s nothing sexy about reading a book, wearing a tool-belt or being hunched over a laptop. Clearly, these people have no idea what sex appeal really is *pushes glasses back up nose*.



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