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The unrealistic expectations ALL men have for the woman they’re dating

The dating game is as full of uncertainty as it is excitement. Does she like me? Am I the only one she’s dating at the moment? Do I really have to pay for the full meal even though she’s just opted for the lobster main?

Mostly though, it’s excitement. The thrill of meeting someone new, finding out everything there is to know about them over a boozy dinner and doing your utmost to take them home.

It’s an exciting time but men can have strong double standards when it comes to dating, especially when you start to have feelings for the other person. Admit it guys, as soon as things start going well, the unrealistic expectations and thoughts have a way of creeping in, and causing some doubt, that didn’t seem to be there a moment ago…

“I could have sworn I took home a 9 out of 10?”Tina fey mean girls gif

We’ve all been there. When she turns up for the date she’s looking at least 9 out of 10. She’s so out of your league that you’re Accrington Stanley and she’s Chelsea. You can’t believe you’re even in with a chance of bedding this beauty.

Yet, when you wake up the morning after you have to take a double-check as to who the hell is sleeping next to you because it’s certainly not the girl you took home. Except it is, because you expected her to look as good in the morning as she did the night before, which just isn’t going to happen.

“But what about equal rights?” You thought she was going to pay half the bill…

Classic mistake. You’ve had a great day and charmed the pants off her to the point where you’re in with a great chance of getting lucky. You’ve sunk a couple of bottles of wine and you’re both merrily flirting with one another. She might be the one.

Then you ask for the bill and as you look at the receipt and the figure looks more like her mobile number, you think it’s only fair that you share the bill. She’s eaten half the food, drank half the wine and women are always banging on about equal rights so what better way of proving it then sharing the bill? Wrong, she now thinks you’re a tight, cheap date and she’s never going to see you again.

She’s not allowed to have male friends ever again. Ever.rachel green friends gif

You’re dating her now and from your point of view you should be the only man in her life. Even her dad isn’t welcome. You accept there might be men at her workplace but she musn’t see them at any point other than the contracted hours of her work. So from now on you’re her only form of male companionship.

Sounds fair enough, right?

But she’s got to accept that you’re out with girls all the time.scott disick kardashian

Double standards? Nope. You know what guys are like that’s why you won’t allow her to hang around with them outside of work hours. But you’re different. You have self-control and even if you didn’t, you’re only dating this girl. Is she going to tell you you can’t hang around with females now? Hell no…

You expect her to make an exception to her 5-date rule

We’ve all seen Friends with Benefits. Some girls have a 5-date rule where they simply won’t put out until that point. It’s to see whether you’re worth it. But as you explain to her, you are worth it. So she can pack in that whole 5th date lark and you’ll be playing twister under the sheets in no time. After all, you’re worth it.

She must stop posting revealing Instagrams of herself. Immediately.

If you’re dating this girl then she better act like it and stop attracting other men on her instagram by posting photos of herself. That was for her fully single days. Now, you’re dating, and she can’t be mugging you off by taking photos of herself as she gets out the shower. She’s not Jen Selter.

Those Instagram snaps? She must redirect them to you and only you. Immediately.
ryan golsing gif

You’ve imposed a ban on revealing Instagrams but that doesn’t mean you don’t want the snaps. Of course you do. In fact, you want more than what she was planning on putting out to her 865 followers.

She’s got to be cool but not too cool. Nobody’s cooler than you.Scott Disick Kardashians gif

Let’s get one thing straight. You’re the dominant one here and even though you want someone cool to show off to your mates, she’s got to know you’re the cool one.



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