Find love with an Xclusivetouch at our Valentine Lock and Key Party, February 14th @ Funky Buddha. Whether you’re single, curious or taken, join us for an epic party and celebrate the day of Love in style.
*Champagne Reception
* Kiss photo Booth
* “Relation Ship Remedies” Book giveaway

Okay so for some people, this day is either one of the best days of the year or the absolute worst – and that goes for the single & the hitched! If you are in a relationship, you either have the partner that all your mates are jealous of – the one that at 12 midnight of Valentines eve will open the bathroom door to a candle lit bathroom, bubbles pouring out the tub and a glass of champs balanced on the side, followed by a complete Valentines day Itinerary starting with a 10am breakfast in bed including an expensive piece of meaningful jewellery! why not come down with your Partner to funky Buddha, Mayfair where you can have a glass of champagne and a go in the kiss booth! To add a fun ending to your special day…
        Ooor you have Lazy partner that barely remembers what day it is – including your Birthday, so Valentines is a complete failure. You spend ages hinting and reminding them that Valentines day is coming up on the 14th, you even text “Aww I’ve just walked past this lovely restaurant (followed by the full name and address hoping they will make note) It would be really nice for Valentines Day” . You wake up Valentines Day to the usual yawn and ‘Good Morning’ & when they see you have bought them a present its a “Oh S**t Sorry I completely forgot!!” In this case make sure you drag your partner to our Valentines Event to pick up one of the “Relation Ship Remedies” Book giveaways written by relationship coach Sam Owen – and to make the most of your special day.
         And last but not least if you are single & not too happy about it, we have 100 Locks for the ladies & 100 Keys for the gents that night so you may walk out the venue a lot less single than you walked in!Instead of sitting at home watching Titanic and Love Actually along with the rest of rubbish films they air that night, Pick up your single friends and head down to spot the other singletons at Funky Buddha, have a glass of champagne at our champagne reception & jump in the Kiss Booth with someone that’s caught your eye!

So! What ever your situation and who ever you will be spending Valentines Day with make sure you finish off your night @ Funky Buddha – check out our website for info on Guest List & Table bookings!