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Valentine's Transfer Deadline Day

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun and those who have yet to find a date have less than 24 hours to do so. Always wiling to help, Twitter has offered it’s help and advice.

The moral of this story being, just because you’re dining alone tomorrow night, doesn’t mean we won’t laugh at you.

Now you just have to wait for a last minute signing.

  All players are doing everything they can.

So it’s not just single girls who have to worry.

Openings are appearing the country over

Even if they are on a short-term loan basis

  And whilst there is no hope for some, they can always turn to their last resort:

Because when All Else Fails, Alcohol.

And remember ladies, you’re not the only ones who have failed to get a last minute signing:

He got, no offers.

She got dropped

 (Though both parties were disappointed when the deal fell through)

And though there are 6 hours left before the window closes, there is no hope left for some.



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