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The Weeknd Performance at the 02

The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) played a gig in London’s world-famous 02 Arena. Considering he’s known for his indie take on RnB, there were doubters as to whether he’d be able to pull off a show at a venue that’s seen the likes of Beyoncé and Lady Gaga sell out in a matter of minutes. The Weeknd did! It was a compelling performance from him and band “The Town”, and together they put on a spectacle of a show for his London fans.

There were definitely sexual overtones throughout the concert; whilst he sang the intro to “Adaption/Love in the Sky” from behind a cuboid-gauze curtain, the visuals included girl-on-girl sex scenes. If this show were an album cover it would have had a parental advisory sticker positioned in the bottom right corner. However, this did not put the audience off, as when he surprisingly covered Drake’s notorious “Crew Love” song with a rock twist, the crowd went bezerk for the Canadian star.

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The crowd loved it, with hundreds taking to twitter voice there opinions “He sold out the 02, and it was absolutely epic, such an amazing night”, “Seeing The Weeknd live last night in the 02 was unbelievable” and “Seeing The Weeknd at the 02 Arena last night was beyond incredible…”

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It was performance very much reminiscent of the dark sensual ambiances of his album. A photo of his face duplicated around the arena’s stage with the caption “Said you f*cked another man… He can’t make you feel this beautiful.”

The Weeknd obviously feels very at home in London as hours before his last show of the tour, he tweeted “Home away from home, UK, London, 02 Arena.” He made his comfort present on stage, as he performed his top hits to his number 1 fans.

He proved last night that his music was not just for the indie-kids and hipsters; on closing the show with his song “Wicked Games”, everyone in the arena got up out of their seats. Mobile phones held high, the brightness settings turned up.

The Weeknd will no doubt be returning to his “Home from home”, London, after the show-stopping performance.

Were you at the 02 arena last night? What did you think of The Weeknd’s performance?

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