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Will Leonardo DiCaprio Ever Win An Oscar?

If we are talking about the Oscars of our hearts, then yes. Yes he has. But unfortunately, we are in fact referring to the Academy, whose hearts are much harder to crack it seems. Time after time (three times to be precise) Leo has acted his little heart out and they have given him hope, and then snatched it away. But this, his fourth nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street, looks like it may be the one….although lets not jinx it just yet.

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The internet is determined for him to win, never have I seen such a campaign I have felt so passionate about; there are memes dedicated to him all over Tumblr.  Come the night which I’m sure he has been diligently counting down to since the premier of Wolf of Wall Street, there will be an ‘internet street party’ if he wins; virtual coronation chicken and bunting will be the order of the day.

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The Academy also famously favours those who play real people, Jamie Foxx, Daniel Day Lewis, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman have all won Oscars for portraying real people. Most of the nominations this year are for playing real people though. Matthew McConaughey and Chiwetel Ejiofor are his main rivals this year and if the Baftas are anything to go by then perhaps DiCaprio fans should hold off on the celebratory dancing.

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There hasn’t been an Oscar given to someone for playing a complete bastard since Christoph Waltz, and the voters may be getting bored of all those nice people winning all the time. Because God knows I am. 

We love an underdog and in recent years the Academy has rewarded those who haven’t been all that lucky in the awards season. Sandra Bullock won hers in the year she also won a ‘Razzie’ for best actress. It’s important not to forget that Leo’s frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese has only won one Oscar and that was in 2007 after he had already totalled up six nominations. So, there may still be a chance.

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Even if he doesn’t win the Oscar (and I will start a riot if he doesn’t), then he has at least won the internets Oscar, which although doesn’t quite change his stats on IMDB, and might not fill that award shaped space on his mantle piece, and in his heart, it must be nice to know that millions of fangirls and boys are keeping the meme industry going strong with your inner anguish.



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