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Why Do Women Cheat

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Women cheat because we have had enough

It’s true that we always hear about why men cheat and how they are the scum of the earth for doing so, but we barely go into how this makes the women feel and more importantly, how some women can react to this level of betrayal. I have come to the conclusion that there are four main reasons why a woman will cheat on her partner. Whether these reasons are justifiable, well, you can decide that.


This seems to be the most common reason from what I have seen and/or heard. I’ve used the word victim because I feel women genuinely become a victim to their emotions in this case. These victims choose to move like idiots and go back to the guy who has cheated on them with the “it was only one time and he will change” argument. When he doesn’t change and cheats again (not saying that this is inevitable but that is another discussion) she feels so hurt, betrayed and self-deprecating that she falls into another mans bed. Whether this is a colleague or an old friend that she secretly knew always liked her, this comfort comes from finally being giving what she had been craving from her partner. After feeling as though she has done something wrong and that his cheating was her fault, she goes to someone who will make her feel better about herself. In this instance, the woman may even want the man to find out she cheated, knowing that he will have the strength to break up with her and ultimately get her out of a situation that she couldn’t get herself out of because she still loves him. This type of woman is the weakest, the victim and probably one of the worst types of women to cheat because they didn’t even have the cojones to do it right.

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Some women like to go down the rage route when a partner has cheated on them. These women turn Super Saiyan 4 on their cheating scum of a man in an attempt to satisfy their anger. Before they even return the cheating as it were, they may even fight the guy. When I say fight, I don’t mean fistfights; I mean throw a kettle at him, burn his trainers Lisa Lopes style or some other form of Power Ranger move. All the same feelings of hurt and betrayal that come from the victim reasoning is still there, these women just take it that little bit further. Rather than wallowing in self pity and falling into the honey trap of another man who could more than likely be using you like your partner did, they decided to use their hurt for good…or evil however you choose to look at it! After they wipe their tears, they find courage in their anger and lash out. I’m not saying this is necessarily a good thing but if it helps a woman not feel as though she is the reason he has treated her this way, then I’m all for it.

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Good old sweet revenge. The dish best served cold and all that. The reason why revenge is different to rage is simple: the planning. If anyone has seen Eddie Murphy’s RAW, then you know what I’m talking about. As a victim and as a Super Saiyan, a woman finds out her man has cheated and instantly reacts. Whether she cries or lashes out, the reaction is instantaneous and can lead to any amount of repercussions that may or may not benefit her. When a woman seeks revenge for a cheating partner she has thought it through and more often then not, doesn’t plan to get caught. Some of the more devious women out there might want their partner to find out, not as an easy way out like the victim but because they want them to know that two can play at this messy game. This is when a woman has had enough of you. When she is able to consciously give herself to another men, knowing how much she loves you and not regret it, you have truly seen her cunning and fury.

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These are the bad girls. The really bad girls who haven’t put any thought into this and just went and did the nasty because they were bored or some other ridiculous reason. Although the victim is my personal pet peeve when a woman cheats, at least they were hurt and so had some form of reason to cheat. For a woman to just sleep with someone because they feel unjustifiably unsatisfied (the man hasn’t done anything to be cheated on for) then she’s just as bad as the men who cheat on good women for no reason. Where’s your pride? Where’s your dignity? Where is your self-respect? Come on ladies, come better than this if you’re going to cheat on someone.



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