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Why Women Date Ugly Men

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Once upon a time a single girl met an average guy. Having been hurt so many times before, the girl reasoned that what he lacked in looks he made up for in heart and that would be the key to everlasting happiness.

She was right of course, for about ten minutes.

Then other girls began to marvel at her idea. ‘Yes’ they thought, ‘the good-looking men will break our hearts but the average Joe’s will be so grateful we want them, they’ll treat us the way we deserve!’

It was a brilliant plan, until the inevitable shift in the dating world happened. The ego that was once only possessed by those with a face like David Beckham and the body to match, now filtered down to those who really didn’t have a right to be that cocky.

Average men began to think they were good looking and the good looking men began to think they were Gods. In dating terms this means that men, who were once thought of as the easier of the two genders, had become the “difficult” ones in the relationship and the worst part… they don’t even know it.

In a world where you no longer have to be hot to get an attractive girl, it also means you don’t have to try as hard. Whoever the man, certain dating traits seem to be reoccurring and the more we date, the less scary being single seems to become.

Not sure what I mean? Let’s take a re-cap.

Back in the day:
Man paying the bill on a first date – a given

Girls are forced to do the “oh please let me pay half” dance, as though the thought of you paying the full £24 pounds of the Nando’s bill is unfeasible. We don’t mean it of course and if you let a girl pay on the first date, she’ll spend the rest of the week telling all her friends what a cheapskate you are.

The truth is we offer because we’ve learnt that times have changed. Whilst men once wanted to impress a lady, now they seem to think we should be the ones to impress them.

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Back in the day:
If a guy meets a great girl, he would make her his girlfriend before someone else beats him to it.

Every man works on his own dating time frame. I couldn’t tell you what the acceptable amount of dating-time is before you’re considered a “girlfriend” because each man works to his own secret scale.

You can act like you’re in a relationship. You can definitely have sex. But bring the “r” word up before he is ready and you’re clingy.

Don’t get me wrong, if after two weeks of Harvester meals and almost uninterrupted making-out you’re asking to meet his mother, then you are clingy. If however after three months of solid dating you’re still wondering if his friends even know you exist, then we’re back to modern day dating and its side effects.

A man, who thinks he can get any girl, is also a man who doesn’t want to appear tied down. Of course since no woman wants to date a man who “doesn’t want to appear tied down” luckily for him, he’ll be back on the open market appearing as single as he used to pretend he was.

Back in the day:
Men were faithful (or at the very least knew how to act it).

Over the years men have become experts at cheating and then acting like the girls they date are paranoid psyco’s for even suggesting they’d do such a thing. A friend of mine once found a snapped off false nail in the bed of a guy she was dating. By the end of the argument he had her apologising for not trusting him (who the nail actually belonged to she never found out). She suspected it was his sisters, I suspected he was a liar.

I know what most men reading this article are thinking: What a man. What an absolute legend. I just think: what an absolute prick.

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Back in the day:
Men valued what they had.

Men are haunted by the thought that they could do better. It is this very thought that drives them to argue about the most ridiculous things, most likely as an attempt to locate some of your character flaws, which they need in order to convince themselves they can upgrade you any moment they want.

My personal favourite is this new notion that women use “sex as a weapon”. What does that even mean? If any man reading this has mentioned the sex as a weapon issue during an argument, perhaps they could clarify it for me. Is it a weapon when you’re taking her up on the offer… or just before and after? I could be wrong of course, but it sounds like a made up issue to me.

I think I get it. In the bid to find the perfect man, a lot of women have made themselves too available. In the 1940’s Noah chased Allie because that’s what men did. When it comes to romance, I’m not entirely sure what it is men do now, but until we work it out we have our careers, our credit cards and Christian Louboutin (the one man who will never let us down). 



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