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Has the X factor had its day

Has the X factor had its day?

X factor is back on our screens this weekend but unlike other years when I was genuinely excited I’m not hardly fazed by it. It’s got me thinking has the X factor had its day? Has this all singing, all dancing, sob story telling reality show had its day? Is it back to starting from the bottom and sending out your demos to record labels? With viewing figures at an all time low it seems that everyone has had enough of the once popular show.

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I don’t know why I put my self through it year in year out, the person I want to win never does and I’m forced to throw my shoe at the TV in frustration. (I’ll never understand how Rylan got through and Ella didn’t)

There always seem to be a joke act that is put through by Louis every year! What is he thinking? Like the audience isn’t going to realise that they do this on purpose… Chico, Wagner, Johnny Robinson, Jedward. Are these people going to become a world class recording artist.. NO! So why are they allowed through.

It makes a mockery out of artists who take their craft seriously so much so that a lot of good people don’t even bother applying because they feel they won’t get through, not because their not good enough but because they are not a gimmick or they haven’t got a sob story.

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It’s a really good time for UK music and with the likes of Jessy J , Adele , Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora who have all managed to forge successful careers without the aid of a reality show there doesn’t seem to be a need for shows like X factor, whose focus seems to be on attracting viewers as opposed to discovering true talent. The Internet has replaced the need for these types of shows. YouTube has launched a lot of successful careers that the audience seem to like more as they a lot more credible.

Having said that X factor has brought us One Direction who are one of the biggest bands in the world as well as JLS and Lil Mix both who have done much better than some of the winners. So maybe in order to keep my sanity I should look at the underdogs the people who don’t win as they seem like the real winners.

In the mean time I will watch the auditions laugh at the rubbish acts and get excited at the good people who wont win I’ll then be bored probably 3 weeks into the live rounds once the joke act has had its day and my favourite contestant has got the boot as their sob story wasn’t quite up to scratch. L

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