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YouTube Has Finally Found A Winner For The X Factor

If I’m not working then I am spending most of my time scrolling on Tumblr either on the laptop or on my iPhone. It is my ultimate news feed, I see anything and everything on my dashboard way before any one on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook would.


So recently I came across one particular ‘artist’… Reading through the comments I prepared myself for some serious goosebumps, someone that would blow my mind, a performance that I could only describe as amazing…..

If the term catfish could be used for something other than internet dating then I got catfished!


Now I don’t know if this dude is serious or if he’s playing? Does he actually think he can sing? Are peoples b*itches really after him? Either way its hilarious.

JJ Fish (real name Daniel Mcloyd) is undoubtedly a born entertainer. Yes he may not have the voice of RnB sensations such D’angelo, Maxwell or even Miguel however he is ability to captivate your attention is second to none! His singing is so bad that it has driven the internet to demand more.

Thankfully he has delivered! Pree his first official music video “No Topping You” inspired by the D’Angelo’s classic video to “How Does It Feel”

JJ Fish’s  career has gone from strength to strength with a high budget follow up video “On The Floor” Please pree the video and prepare to actually pee yourselves!

The comments on social media and and on youtube are just as hilarious as his all singing all dancing performances. Someone on Tumblr commented “the guy is dancing like he’s a glitch in a fighting game hghghfhhhf”.


Check out IceJJFish’s YouTube channel for all of his videos and some unmissable covers to tracks such as Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” or Drake’s “Hold on, We’re going home”.


You won’t be disappointed the boy is talented.



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