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You’ve Had Surgery On Your Nose, Boobs And Lips… So Which Part Of Your Body Is Real Now?

Forget about plastic surgery going wrong, because God knows we’ve seen enough of that. Let’s talk about when it goes right.

Is a beautiful face full of alterations better than an average face without?

And surely if we’re against using plastic surgery to make ourselves more beautiful, we should be against makeup, photoshop, and push up bras too. After all, when it comes to falsely advertising ourselves, cosmetic surgery is just like photoshop for real life.

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So what’s the issue?

We’ll I’ll tell you what the problem is. Those of us who haven’t gone under the knife, end up spending hundreds of pounds on highly expensive (and usually highly ineffective) beauty products and creams, trying to match these women who have had their faces fixed with the help of someone who trained for 10 solid years in making women more beautiful.

Let me tell you, no amount of pore strips or teeth whitening are going to match the work of a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon.

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Fake tan. Fake boobs. Fake hair. Fake lips and a flat stomach despite having never stepped into a gym.

So here’s the real clincher: is the fake-ness off putting or not. And can natural girls ever possibly have the edge, just for being 100% home grown?

I’m not against the odd procedure, no one was born perfect and we all have insecurities about something or other. But then there’s a point where they stop being home improvements and start bordering on the ridiculous.

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Just remember, you’re only ever one surgery away from going too far and looking like Donatella Versace or Joan Rivers.

Yet even when surgery looks good, every “she looks so hot” comment is usually chased with a casual “yeah but she’s had a lot of work done”.

So does knowing someones hotness is derived from fake-ness automatically make them less hot? I’ll let you be the judge:

Kim Kardashian nose job plastic surgery before and after gif

Kim Kardashian

Heidi Montag plastic surgery celebrity before and after cosmetic enhancements

Hiedi Montag

Megan fox before and after surgery celebrity

Megan Fox

No matter how many times you let a scalpel near your face, someone somewhere has a picture of what you looked like before. Though I’m sure that never hindered Heidi Montag or Megan Fox from getting a date.

So should we all stop saving up for new cars and nice shoes and save up for a surgeon instead? I’d argue no. Keep the fakery to a minimum, because there’s NOTHING hotter than looking like yourself and making it work.



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