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You’ve Told Him You Have A Boyfriend And He Still Wont Go Away: What Men Really Think When You Tell Them You Have A Boyfriend

The four words no guy ever wants to hear on a night out, “I have a boyfriend”.

In our mind’s every girl in the club is single and it’d be incredibly selfish of you to spoil our fantasy. Truth is for most guys, once they pick up on a vibe they can get your number, your relationship status won’t change much. What comes out of his mouth is entirely different to what runs through his mind, you telling him you have a boyfriend isn’t going to have him moving onto the next one, come here let me coach you.

What We Say: Oh You Have A Boyfriend?
What We Really Mean:

Few things on this earth get guys super emotional but the top two on the the list are definitely women and football. Ladies, flirting with a guy non-stop for an hour then dropping the “I have a boyfriend” line at the end of the night is for us, equivalent to us holding out on checking the score all day until MOTD only to find out your team lost.

What We Say: Oh, that’s great. How long have you been together?
What We Really Mean: If it’s less than a year I’ve still got a chance.


When a guy wants to believe he’s still got a chance, he’ll take everything as a sign that you’re interested. “Did you see how long she hugged me for, I’m telling you if no one was around she’d be taking my clothes off. Trust me bro”

What We Say: Wow, I would have never guessed
What We Really Mean: But why are you dancing like a slut though?


You came all the way over to my table, practically gave me a lap dance, gave me the sex eyes minutes and now you wanna talk to me about how great your boyfriend is? WTF?

What We Say: Your boyfriends a lucky man
What We Really Mean: If he messes up call me!

Andrew Garfield Seriously

Believe it or not every girl has a thirsty guy just waiting in the wings like a vulture to swoop in. Guys identify who this man is and eliminate him. Ladies, he’s actually a useful tool to keeping your man on your toes. Sometimes we need a reminder of what we have and what we could lose if we mess around. I’ve probably gone against the Bro Code, giving out that tip there, sorry guys!

What We Say: It was really great talking to You
What We Really Mean: On to the next onethirsty gif thirsty funny

What did she think I was just chilling here listening to her for an hour to be friends? All these hot girls in this club, bottles all over the place, splashed on a brand new outfit, just to sit here and make a new friend?

What We Say: We can just friends though right?
What We Really Mean: Ok I’m gonna have to play the long game.

head desk bang ffs banging gif

Yes, thats right. Contradiction alert. Despite having absolutely no interest in making a new friend at the club, sometimes part of the game means doing something most guys hate and despise. We sometimes even have nightmares about it, every once in a while though we hear of one success story that convinces us it’s all worth it. We enter the (I don’t even wanna say it)…’The Friendzone’.

What We Say: *Turns to Friends* Are you all having a good night?
What We Really Mean: I know one of you must be single!

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This is desperation point point right now. In a matter of minutes some guys might lose all interest and immediately find one of your mates more attractive. The ‘single’ tag attached to your friend might be the only thing he finds more attractive and you now what, sometimes that’s enough.



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