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Should Zayn really have put a ring on it?

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It’s been confirmed and our worst nightmares are unfortunately true, Zayn Malik, 1/5th of the world’s biggest boy bands ‘One Direction’, is engaged and officially off the market (Chin up girls, we still have Harry!) The lucky girl and soon-to-be ‘Mrs Malik’ is fellow X-Factor star and favourite little mixer Perrie Edwards, of whom debuted her sparking shocker of a ring at the boys ‘This is Us’ London film premier last week. Although we couldn’t be writhing with jealousy any more than we already are, there is some worry of how long it is going to last with only months ago seeing a image of Zain sleeping in another girls bed go viral, so it sparks the question; are they really going to last?

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With the pair both being 20 years old and only recently leaving their teenage naivety, some have argued they don’t yet have enough life experience to justify deciding so early on that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. After all, celebrity marriages are constantly under speculation from the media that most end up ending sourly (proven by the recent news of reality couple Khloe Kardashian kicking Lamar Odom out of the marital house) so can the pop-duo handle the pressure of the press trying to uncover every minor detail in the relationship. The twosome have been romantically linked since 2011 and have already seen rocky roads with numerous splits rumoured over the years, so will anything have changed now Zayn has ‘put a ring on it’?

Alongside not being somewhat ‘ready’ for the lifetime promise that is marriage, the pair also face their professional lives coming between their plans. Perrie recently admitted that she ‘doesn’t want a long engagement’, suggesting that marriage is well and truly in her sight in the near future, however with the pair at their height of fame with both Little Mix and One Direction doing enormously well all over the world, is there time to pencil in a wedding in their busy schedules?

Of course, when discussing the pairs professional careers, it’s important to consider the self proclaimed ‘directioners’, Zayns army of twitter loving fans who have had a hell of a lot to say about it. The day of the announcement came with an eruption of emotions from the not so subtle bunch, whether it was unnecessary hatred towards Perrie or obscene sadness that Zayn can no longer propose to them instead, twitter was rife with comments about the engagement. With some of the tamer tweets being along the lines of ‘WHAT THE FU*K, THIS ISNNT OK IM IN HYSTERICS’ (@cakemaliks) and many claiming that the day of the proposal ‘August 21st’ was the ‘worst day of their lives’ (@zarryshearts), the ‘directioners’ did not know how to take having their favourite member taken away from them.

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Although it’s not seeming like engagement is at all in their favour right now, the pair have proven so far that maybe they can prove us all wrong and are cut out for the menacing challenge. They have defeated cheating rumours and overcome being away from each other for months at a time, but i don’t think the fight with the dreading Directioners will be too easy!

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