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Zoo Bar Review

Zoo bar


Located in Leicester Square in the heart of London, Zoo bar is a popular hangout for tourists. With a black exterior and fairy lights, Zoo Bar has a mysterious and alluring pull. As you enter the venue, there is funky décor such as chandeliers and disco balls lit with different colours, screens with popular music videos playing on them and bars designed with mirror pieces. There are a number of options when it comes to tables and seating. Metal high chairs are available at the bar itself however are not too comfortable, so for those planning on staying a while, there are either wooden tables and chairs or sofa areas scattered around the venue. There are also stages to the sides of the bar for people who are looking to let their hair down and show off their dance skills. Although the interior design was attractive, I do feel some of the props such as the screens were unnecessary and a waste of space. Zoo bar is not the most spacious venue and queuing to order drinks was a stressful experience due to the overcrowding.


The atmosphere in Zoo Bar is exciting as the venue always appears busy due its size. When visiting Zoo Bar, I did feel however that the general feeling of those in the venue was turning from excitement to frustration with having to wait a long time to be served drinks. Despite this frustration, the atmosphere was still friendly as people were mingling and making new friends.


The majority of the crowd appeared to be young tourists looking to party and enjoy their stay in London. There were a few people dressed smartly, however most customers were in jeans. This gave the bar a laid back feel but may have deterred more sophisticated clientele from coming in.


The music was mainly commercial which was fun to dance to but did become tiresome after a while. Some house and hip hop mixes would have given the venue a funkier vibe and encouraged more people to dance. The music was also extremely loud making it difficult to have any sort of flowing conversation.


The drinks prices were reasonable with a bottle of wine being less than £20 and a wide range of delicious cocktails being only £7 each.

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