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10 Acceptable Reasons To Break Your Diet

When trying to stick to a diet, it’s better not to be too harsh on yourself. After all, if you’re not meant to snack at midnight, then why the hell do they put a light inside the fridge?¬†

Want to ditch the squats and eat your body weight in Starbucks muffins? Here are 10 instances when it’s okay:

1. It’s Monday
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Continuing last weeks diet feels wrong! You need that cappuchino with two sugars and that almond croissant to get you off to a good start this week! To beat those Monday blues. You can worry about being skinny again tomorrow.

2. You  Lost A Pound And Want To Celebrate.
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Why not? Your diet is working so you should be allowed to celebrate with a chocolate chip cookie or some cocktails… or both. Hard work should be rewarded.

3. It’s Your Birthday
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No one and I mean no one should be on a diet before, on or around their birthday! Cake and food is what it’s all about! I’m sure you can think of ways to burn it off later?!?

3.5. It’s Someone Else’s Birthday
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It’s just not right to say no to free cake.

4. You’re Attending A Social Event!
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Not only will it seem rude if you turn up to a dinner and only eat a small portion of the meal – you will also be depriving yourself of much tastier food than you could ever prepare in your microwave at home. Go on just be social and eat the feast that someone has prepared for you.

5. It’s Your Annual Visit To The Cinema.
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Yes you CAN stuff your face with popcorn and pick & mix at the cinema it would be a crime not to! The whole cinema experience is just not the same without it. Plus you don’t want to be that person who spends the whole film crunching on carrot sticks they brought in their handbag. No one likes that person.

Not to mention that popcorn is made from kernels and I’m 80% sure they’re a vegetable or a grain or something, so really… how bad for you can they possibly be?!

6. You’ve Got An Important Sports Match Coming Up!
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If its the day before or the day of that all important netball match / football match/ ultimate frisbee match – then good food is your fuel. Hunger makes you useless – give your body what it needs. (And yes, going bowling with your friends on a Thursday night does count as a ‘sports match’ – eat on my friends eat on).

7. You’re Hungover.
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Trust me you need to be able to eat whatever you want, in order to recover and be human again!

8. You Feel Rubbish.
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If the diet is affecting your mood then go ahead and attack that Bueno Bar you’ve been making eye contact with all afternoon. No way should you be deliberately making yourself feel crap no matter how bad you want that beach bod! Food is happiness and happiness is important.

9. You Did A Huge Work Out Sesh.
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Yes if you’ve worked out twice as hard you practically allowed to eat whatever you like. Just make sure you don’t over do it! But having a choc muffin or a glass of wine is good – having 7 of them might defeat the object of the gym.

9.5. Someone Mentioned You’re Looking Skinny
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Diet success. Your skinny jeans fit and someone noticed. You should take your new toned butt out to breakfast, you (and it) deserve some carbs.

10. Your Mum Made Your Favorite Dinner Just For You.
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How can you say no? Your mum has slaved away to make that tasty lasagna – it would be rude not to have two plates or maybe three!

So there you have it!

My ten reasons to break that diet! These are all valid and acceptable reasons, so please don’t feel guilty if you find yourself breaking your beach bod diet every once (or twice) in a while – we all do it!